[Watch] Crab Lunges Up Endless Stairs

[Watch] Crab lunges up endless stairs. After a  back injury, I am easing back into working out. 20 lb. weight up these stairs and definitely feeling it.

Daily Burn: Workout on the Go

After countless hours lost to Hulu Plus, the Daily Burn ad finally caught my attention and pushed me to check it out. The 30 day free trial sold it too. …

Watch: Stand Band & Weighted Chest Press

Watch: Stand Band & Weighted Chest Press Used a resistance band on my weights for that added something for the chest press. I was struggling, my arms were so dead.

Watch: Step Up w Bicep Curl to Press

Watch: Step Up w Bicep Curl to Press Love this combo. Works legs, biceps, and shoulders. Can’t beat that. First time doing it and it was great. Can’t wait to work …

My Fitness Pal App rocks

Since I sprained my ankle and haven’t been able to run, I’ve resorted to calorie counting to keep from going insane. I can’t eat like a pig and not work …