Virtual Sweat Date: New adventures, toxic situations, and exciting news!

Hi friends! Once a month, I love catching up with you over a virtual sweat date. It’s a new series on my blog and you can catch my first one here. The same way we would “catch up ” over coffee or a workout,  I share what’s going on with me and sometimes, I’ll even get personal on the blog.

If we were on a sweat date, I’d tell you…

I shared my second contributing post for Harwood District and this one is about 8 easy stretches you can do at the office to de-stress. Even outside of an office, I do find myself sitting A LOT and not taking enough time to get up and move. Not like the seats at coffee shops are anymore comfy. Definitely a good read and a shoutout to my friend Shanna from Cubefit Yoga for helping me with that post.

If we were on a virtual sweat date…

Speaking of Harwood, I’m super pumped I’m attending Savor Dallas this year as a VIP Harwood Influencer. Savor Dallas is a really cool food and wine festival in Dallas and you’ll find multiple events happening this week. I went to the Grand Tasting last year and it was so fun! Here’s what they have coming up if you’re interested in going!

‘Cue It Up at Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens on Thursday, April 6
Shaken + Stirred at Happiest Hour on Friday, April 7
Grand Tasting at Centennial Hall on Saturday, April 8

If we were on a virtual sweat date…

I’d tell you I just became a sponsored Michelob Ultra Ambassador and I can’t wait to start working with them. I’m headed to NYC in May for the kick off party with other ambassadors all over the U.S. You’ll be seeing some funs posts from me all year round!

If we were on a virtual sweat date…

I’d tell you I’ve learned one of the hardest lessons as a entrepreneur: stand up for yourself, your value and your worth. I made a difficult decision to fire my first client. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes and there’s obvious pressure being a solopreneur to “make it”. I hate to admit this, but I’m a people-pleaser. I want everyone to be happy, but that’s unrealistic. So after months of high stress, sleepless nights, and worry, I decided to choose me. I chose my health and frankly my sanity. After parting ways, it was the hugest relief off my shoulders. Even with the pressures of making a living, there’s no amount of money that’s worth compromising my values or hurting my health. A hard lesson learned that will serve me again in the future, I’m sure.

If we were on a virtual sweat date…

I’d tell you how proud I am of the silent disco yoga event I held a few weeks ago went. This is by far one of my favorite events that I’ve ever planned and hosted. As I was enjoying my savasana, I couldn’t stop thinking, “wow…. I actually pulled this off.” You can catch the recap of the event here. And my current favorite song on repeat is Easier by Mansionair which MJ played during the last few minutes of class.

If we were on a virtual sweat date…

I’d tell you I just shared my fitness events round up for April and there’s so much happening this month! You’ll need to check it out asap and start pencilling in those sweat dates.

If we were on a virtual sweat date…

I’d tell you how obsessed I am with these buttery-soft PowerVita tights from Athleta. Super comfortable and it doesn’t move.

Thanks so much for catching up with me. Lots to look forward to this month and summer! Catch ya next time.


  1. if we were having a sweat date, i’d tell you that im so inspired by you! i was hoping to go to Savor but im not 🙁 i will be stalking you. i’d also tell you that im loving this outfit, love the back. hope to see you soon.

  2. Love your outfit! Love your moves. Congrats on all your achievements this month! What great sponsorships and awesome opportunity with Harwood. Sorry about having to fire someone. You’re so inspiring and have such a good heart so I know that was hard. Love you friend!

  3. You are doing SO MUCH, girl!! I love keeping up with you and I DEFINITELY want to have a real sweat date soon! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  4. Loved catching up with you, and I’m excited to hear all the changes you have going on in your life. Congratulations on your new Michelob ambassadorship–you will rock it!

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