How I turn my home into a yoga studio with Adidas

Happy international yoga day friends! I love themed days because it gives me something to look forward to celebrating in the smallest ways. This day, I got to transform my tiny space into a temporary studio in my home and move my body. I’m sharing 3 ways I prepare my space so that I can practice at home.

1: Declutter my space. A messy space stresses me out and I can’t get in the zone. Since a beautiful studio space is not feasible for me at the moment, making sure my home space is as neat as possible is a must

2: Add in a plant, a mirror, an essential oil diffuser, anything that will give you calm vibes will help set the mood. If you want to do your practice at night, try adding a candle.

3: Headphones. There’s a TON of distracting noise at home. It would be the humming from the fridge or the loud airplane that goes by. I like using my AirPods and listening to a yoga flow podcast. You can do the same with videos, I just prefer to have less visual stimulation and distraction during my practice.

Also, doesn’t hurt to wear your favorite outfit. Half the reason I used to make it out of the house is because I felt put together and ready for my flow. Today, I’m wearing Adidas! My sports bra is seamless and comfy. I’d recommend sizing up!

The new Believe This 2.0 tights are comfy too and I will also recommend sizing up. I ordered them in black, but also got them in blue and the coral colors.

how to turn your home into a yoga studio with adidas

Hope you are all safe at home and giving yourself more grace than ever. It’s personally been a challenge for me to move, but I’m so glad I do after each workout.

This post was sponsored by Adidas. All opinions are my own

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