I CE NY Thai Rolled Ice Rolls in Carrollton

Rolled ice cream is a Thai ice cream made of different flavors and concoctions that’s delicately rolled for a beautiful dessert. I had the pleasure of visiting I CE NY in Carrollton before it’s grand opening to sample all their flavors. Talk about sugar overload. 

I CE NY hails from New York via Thailand. Ace and Linh, Houston-natives, opened their ice cream shop in Carrollton and it didn’t disappoint.

They had about a dozen different flavor options to choose from. The experience is pretty fun to watch. The staff gathers the ingredients for each concoction and lay them on these frozen pans.

They start by chopping and smashing the ingredients to blend the flavors together. It all must be done quickly, otherwise it’ll be too frozen and hard to consume. Think Cold-Stone Creamery, but way cooler. In the end, they flatten the ice cream and skillfully roll them into delicate sleeves of ice cream. I even got a chance to make my own which was super cool.

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You end up with beautiful (and totally Instagrammable) desserts like these.

Berry Blast

Matcha with Mung Bean and Mochi


Milk n Cookies

Banana Foster

Mango sticky rice was my favorite!!


Strawberry cheesecake

Thai tea

Lots of delicious flavors to choose from. Obviously I’m excited for all the Asian flavors like Mango sticky rice and Thai tea, but there are some familiar flavors too such as strawberry cheesecake, s’mores, etc. What makes I CE NY stand out to me is being able to differentiate the flavors. They didn’t just use the same base for all their rolled ice. It was a different and distinct set of mixes for each option. If I were to blind taste it, I’d be able to identify the flavors. Plus, they win with the toppings.

You can even make your own milk and ice cream flavors. I chose fruity pebbles, but I remember seeing froot loops, cinnamon toast crunch and more.

I haven’t had a chance to stop in since their soft opening, but Ace and Linh also told me guests will be able to create their own mixes outside of the signature flavors. Another location is slated to open in Houston soon as well!

They shop is open only in the afternoon/evenings and they are located at 2625 Old Denton Rd. Suite 812
Carrollton, Texas, TX 75007. You can get more details on the store here.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into I CE NY in Carrollton. My favorite was the mango sticky rice, the berry blast, and the milk and cookies. Which flavors stuck out to you?

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