Travel Diary: Top 3 Things to do in Oklahoma City

Today, I’m sharing all the fun and active things to do Oklahoma City. If you’ve been keeping up, I took a blogger trip with my Dallas Fitness Ambassadors to Norman and Oklahoma City and came back with tons of cool experiences to share. You can catch my recap in Norman and my Food Diary here. If you’re looking for things to do in OKC, here are some top picks:

White Water Rafting at Riversport Adventures

Riversport Adventures in Boathouse District has a man-made rapids course for those seeking a bit of controlled adventure. I was SO excited to try this and am a bit of a thrill seeker myself. (Ahem…rappelling from 50 stories anyone?)

Riversports offers a ton of stuff including ziplining, kayaking, and other activities, but the rapids were definitely the main attraction. This was my first experience ever and I loved every second. This was definitely my absolute favorite thing to do in Oklahoma City.

Before we hopped into the rafts, we had a 10 minute debriefing session where the guides went over safety and potential situations. It did kind of freak some people out to talk about falling out of the rafts, but there are safety personnel along the course to jump in at any point.

As you can see… I was having a bad ass time.

The course is pretty short and there are two options. The recreational and olympic, one of which is a little slower, while the other is much faster. Rapids are rated between 1-6 as far as how rigorous it is and these two fell in the middle.

We all got soaked!!! I’d recommend wearing a bathing suit underneath and water shoes. Didn’t love getting my Nike’s wet, but it was worth it.

Totally one of my favorite pics because clearly I’m the only one having a complete blast!

Fortunately for my group, our raft didn’t flip over, but we did have one girl fall out of the raft. We were able to get back in. Our guide was such a boss with 15+ years experience guiding rapids in Africa. We were in good hands.

These photos totally crack me up because you can see that I’m clearly having the time of my life. It’s not for everyone and it can be scary. I was secretly hoping I’d fall out of the raft, but that’s just the weirdo in me. If you’re a adventure seeker, I’d highly recommend trying this out. A weekend trip in OKC, just for this would be SO fun!

Climp Up Rock Climbing

Another really fun thing to do in Oklahoma City is visiting the Climb Up rock climbing gym.

I’m all about unique fitness experiences and this one was super cool. We had a chance to rock climb converted grain silos. Aside some teeny tiny courses at camps, I’ve never been rock climbing. It was so fun learning how to manually and safely climb with the group.

There are courses inside and outside of the silos. With the entire group being mostly newbies, we stuck to the nicely air-conditioned courses inside. I was able to make it to the top of the 60 ft course twice and was pretty proud of myself. Spider monkey!

It was a little nerve wrecking the higher I got, but I chose not to look down. I was really proud of myself for accomplishing it and making it to the top. I was also able to test my strength and noticed how much stronger my upper body strength and endurance has grown over the months. At some points, I had to pull myself up because I have short legs.

Ferris Ride at Wheeler District

Another favorite moment is visiting Wheeler District for a ferris wheel ride. It’s so adorable and is along the river. There are outdoor hammocks, comfortable patio seating, food trucks, and all the insta-worthy opportunities.

We paid $7 for a quick ride in the ferris wheel. This is the original Santa Monica ferris wheel and Oklahoma City bought it off eBay many years ago and had it shipped over.

It was a beautiful night and perfect for families or a classic romantic moment. I wish we could have gone earlier to see the sunset, but were lucky enough to see a random firework show across the river. I’ll take it!

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 things to do in Oklahoma City. I’m sure there’s more I haven’t experienced and I can’t wait to go back soon.

Have you been to Oklahoma City? Leave me your recommendations for my next trip!

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