Travel Diary: Favorite Moments in Norman, Oklahoma

Hey friends! I have SO much to tell you about my girls getaway trip to Oklahoma. I’ll be breaking my trip recap into a series of posts because we did a ton of stuff and I know we all have ADD and no time to read a 100,000 word blog post. Visit Norman and Visit OKC, the travel hubs in those respective cities, invited me and my blogger boos for a weekend getaway that would highlight Norman and OKC as getaway destinations.

I was in desperate need of a getaway and this trip came at the perfect time. We left early on a Thursday, hopped on 35N and headed to Norman, OK. Thank goodness for the new toll lane on 35. We hopped into our CX-9s, courtesty of Mazda, zipped passed a lot of the traffic BS.  Norman is 20ish minutes outside of Oklahoma City and the drive there only took 3 hours. Very comparable to Austin.

We checked into the Marriott NCED Conference Center and Hotel and settled in for a bit before dinner. The hotel is huge and definitely super busy. I loved our warm welcome from the staff.

Over the weekend, we were able to tour the grounds and learned this place is pretty awesome especially if you’re active. There’s so much to do on-site and is super convenient for fitness-minded folks They have a multiple gymnasiums/basketball courts, a large fitness center, running track, pool area, and other smaller group fitness/workout area. Made it easy to get in a good workout and getting on with our day. During our weekend, they hosted a cheerleading competition which was cool.

One of my favorite moments would be starting off the night with my girls at HeyDay Entertainment in Norman. It really help break the ice and get loose and have some good ole fashion fun. HeyDay is an amazing entertainment venue with bowling, laser tag, arcade, trivia nights, mini obstacle courses, and more.

We ordered ourselves from nibbles, drinks and got to bowling! I’m pretty terrible at bowling but I somehow WON! I think it’s because these magical socks did the trick. Definitely a favorite moment.

I loved that the venue was really clean. There are two separate areas for bowling. We went to the second floor which felt more like an adult area in case you wanted to play separately from the kids.

After an hour of bowling, we decided to play a round of laser tag! I’ve never played before and quickly realized, that while I’m small… I am definitely not stealthy. I was figuratively murdered. Like a million times.

We were taken into a small room, got a quick low down of how to play and ran around chasing each other for 10 minutes. I’ll call that my cardio for the day.

We ended the night playing a few arcade games. It was such a great way to end the day. We all got to take a break from work and adulting and just act like big ass kids.

Fun fact: I’ve only beat one game at the arcade all in one session. It was Time Crisis 3 and I left with claw hands. Ha! One of my favorite moments was playing this silly ghost game with Jess. It was so fun!

The next day, we had an opportunity to tour the college town of OU or University of Oklahoma. We had no idea cute it was and loved getting a glimpse of the sleepy town. We had lunch at Volare Pizzeria and scarfed some delicious pizza. So good!

The foodie in me went crazy over that cheese dip. The pizzas were all cooked in a brick oven and hit the spot. Definitely a cute spot I’d recommend. They have multiple floors so you can eat on a mezzanine inside or on their rooftop. After lunch, we walked over to Baked Bear for ice cream cookie sandwiches. The shop recently opened and it was so clutch!

You can mix and match cookies and brownies, select your ice cream flavor and toppings. It was sugar-coma heaven. It made the tour at the National Weather Center and the drive to the Oklahoma City, a sleepy one. One of my favorite moments was eating these ice cream cookies with my girls and giggling over how silly we probably looked snapping the bajillion photos.

Our weekend starting in Norman was awesome and I can’t wait to share the rest of the trip in Oklahoma City with you. You can also visit my girl Ginger’s blog and get take of 5 things you can do in Norman.


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  2. Looks like you ladies had an amazing trip. And all that food looks AMAZING!

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