5 Reasons Why Silent Disco Yoga is Awesome

silent disco yoga

Last week’s silent disco yoga sculpt with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors was a success! One hundred yogis attended this unique event that popped up in the middle of West Village, right in front of the new mural. If you missed it, there will definitely be more just like this. Here are 5 reasons why silent disco is awesome.

PC: Erik Carlson

A Unique Personal Experience

Last year when I first heard about silent disco yoga, I made it my mission to bring it to Dallas. While it was a strange concept, Dallas was ready for something new in the yoga and fitness scene. As everyone arrived, each yogi grabbed a pair of light up headphones and 2 bottles of Muscle Milk to use as their weights. This was sculpt after all. I’m a fan of intense workouts.

silent disco yoga

Every yogi slipped on these noise cancelling headphones with only the voice of our fabulous instructor MJ Jackson and his sick playlist to focus on. Being one of the busiest sections of West Village, we were able to focus on our breath and our movements. I didn’t hear the roar of traffic in the garage, airplanes, chatter, or any other distracting noise. My friend describe it as being in your own bubble while still being able to flow with a group.

silent disco yoga

PC: Erik Carlson

To on-lookers, it was strange. The whole thing was silent. There wasn’t any music or noise other than what the instructor was saying. Definitely a cool scene to stumble on.

PC: Erik Carlson

Community in Fitness

Fitness these days is trendy. As much as it is about health and looking good and feeling good, it’s become a social activity you do with your best friend or significant other. So many of my meet ups usually involve a workout and/or catching up sweat over coffee or lunch.

PC: Erik Carlson

Who doesn’t want to share fun experiences with their besties? I loved seeing the giggles and the curiosity as friends placed their mats next to each other and fumbled with the odd headphones wondering how the hell this was supposed to work. Ha.

PC: Erik Carlson

Pop Up in New Places

I’m a huge believer in converting normal spaces into a fitness space. West Village closed down the alley/road in front of their new mural for this class. In the harsh light of day, it’s a regular old road with tons of cars driving to get from one side to the other. It’s different. But we added some fabulous lights thanks to my friends from Belle Decor Dallas, brought in speakers, and turned it into a yoga party.

I’m all about breaking tradition and rules. Popping up a fitness class in a random space like this made it special. There are so many cool spots in Dallas and I love creating new spaces for new experiences.

Goodies Goodies Goodies

After class, many retailers in West Village came through with an awesome set up of goodies. Work hard, play hard right? Post yoga bliss, many took advantage of the braid bar set up with Avalon Salon. We also had yummy samples and takeaways from Muscle Milk and Buda Juice. Miniluxe passed out free comp cards for brow wax and manicures. Simply Fit Meals hooked it up with juice cocktails and nibbles and the line to grab a free class card from Soulcycle was insane.

Tickets to the event were only $20. Being able to grab one of those Soulcycle cards or Miniluxe cards (OR BOTH) pretty much gave you your money back. You’re welcome.

Insta Worthy x 10000000

When you combine a fitness class, a mural, silent disco and turn it into a pop up, it’s totally insta-worthy. If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. Duh.

Since we felt super gangsta from throwing an incredible event, we thought we’d strike a pose. #CantTakeUsAnywhere.

We’ll be planning the next silent disco yoga soon so definitely make sure to subscribe to the DFA newsletter. Tentatively aiming for May and we’ll announce the date soon! In the mean time, I hope these  photos gave you all the FOMO.


  1. Great event Mai! Really wish I could have made it! Interesting concept being in your own world yet still flowing with a group. I wonder if this concept could be applied to other group experiences..well done again!

  2. Being in my own bubble sounds amazing! It’s hard for me to find my zen and this sounds like the perfect way to embrace it.

    1. Author

      Yes! A true opportunity to quiet the mind. Hope you can join next time!

    1. Author

      Omgosh you havent tried this yet have you!?! Ahhh hopefully you can make it next time!

  3. This event was amazing, and I love your review! I absolutely loved the playlist, and the whole concept of “flash mob yoga” was so fun! Love it 🙂

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