Sablon Chocolate Lounge in West Village

sablon-chocolate-lounge-dallas4Sablon Chocolate Lounge is a sugary dream come true. The cozy lounge took over the corner space that was previously Pinkberry in West Village months ago and I can’t believe I just got around to trying it out.

I’m personally not a huge sweets person, but my boyfriend is a sugar monster. I surprised him with a visit here on his birthday after making him take a leisurely 12 mile bike ride with me. Trust me, you’re going to want to feel like you #earnedit when you stop in here. He said it was the best waffle he’s ever had. Then we passed out shortly after from a sugar coma. Best nap ever.

Sablon is a cute lounge and they offer a variety of confections. From frozen frappis, hot chocolate, coffees, crepes, belgium waffles, fondues, truffles, and even savory dishes.


I loved their frappis. They come in these delicious chocolate dipped glasses. My only problem was not being able to eat the dang chocolate. Like what heck…. Gnawing on glass isn’t classy apparently.sablon-chocolate-lounge-dallas2


This would totally be a perfect place for a Valentine’s Day or to answer a sugar craving. If you want to indulge, this is the place to do it.

After my first visit, I went back a few weeks later for a media tasting. I didn’t realize how the variety of chocolate options. Just for drinks, you can choose coffees, hot chocolates, chocotails, alcoholic-based drinks, and more. I ordered the Belgium Chili Hot Chocolate. I love that it comes in a warming mug. SO cute. It was the perfect drink for me. It wasn’t overly sweet and there was a late-reaction subtle kick. I almost wanted more chili. I can’t wait for it to get cooler. I’d definitely stop in for some hot chocoalte.


I love that Sablon is so thoughtful with their presentation. It’s dessert art. The star of the show has to to go the Igloo Waffles. It’s a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream on two sugary Belgium waffles. The texture of the waffle is slightly crunchy with the sugar coating. Just so much going on in each bite.


They also offer classic chocolate fondues with fruit, but as a savory person, I appreciated the options for salty and savory. You can also find paninis and other lunch sandwiches there.


Keep this spot on your list. With the colder season coming soon, it’s a perfect spot on a chilly day, after a dinner date, or to get your chocolate fix.

Have you been to Sablon yet? What is your favorite chocolate indulgence?


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