Mizuno debuts the latest Wave Rider 20

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This post is brought to you by Mizuno.

Mizuno is the third largest shoe company in the U.S. and they just released the 20th edition of the Wave Rider. I was invited as a paid influencer to try them out over the weekend and get a deeper look inside what this Japanese-based company is all about.

My good friend Jessica of Love You More Too hosted this exclusive Mizuno event at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Allen. Myself and a few other bloggers were invited to this special event and I can’t wait to share all the deets.

You can catch the behind the scenes by watching my Facebook Live. Warning, it was my first one ever. How did I do?

Running is how I got into fitness blogging and I remember spending many mornings on Katy Trail logging in those miles. I quickly learned the importance of getting the proper shoes for the right workout. Running is definitely one of them. I learned the hard way from knee, foot, and ankle injuries.


What made this event so special was that each blogger was able to bring a guest and we all received a pair of the Mizuno Wave Rider 20. The boyfriend was STOKED to try his first pair of Mizuno’s for the first time and he loved the color. They go with everything, he said. After two decades of continuous refinements and iterations, this is considered the softest, smoothest, and most responsive version yet. After I slipped these babies on, I noticed how light they were and the stability you get from standing in the shoe.


We were all able to take these bad boys for a spin with an in-store scavenger hunt. Let’s just say I got in some of my steps that morning zipping around the store looking for items. Alas! I did not win.

CJ Brown, the Mizuno Rep, walked us through the history and we had a quick Q&A about the new Wave Rider.


The new Wave Rider 20 offers the right blend of soft cushioning and a smooth heel-to-toe transition with the “Wave” feel runners love. What makes this edition different from previous versions, is it also includes cloudwave® technology.  According to Mizuno, “the shoe provides soft cushioning underfoot while acting as a spring at the same time. The curve in the cloudwave is longer and gentler to convert more of the runner’s heel impact into forward motion.”


The boyfriend loves his new Mizunos in grey.

For running, I love the springy lightness, stability in the shoe (so I’m less likely to roll my ankles), and how comfortable they are. They do run a little small, so I recommend going up a half size. I love that Mizuno’s shoes are becoming more fashion forward. The are more colors to choose from and the design is more aesthetically pleasing. Fun fact, the inspiration for the design of the shoe came from a study on how the wings of insects have evolved over time to become lighter and stronger. According to CJ, you can get 400-500 miles out of these shoes depending on how often and how hard you train. The shoes are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and retail for $119.

Some fun facts we learned about runners:

  • 89 percent of runners wave say they wave at other runners
  • Male runners are more likely to wave than female runners
  • Runners in their 40+ years of age are the largest demographic to wave
  • Texas is the friendliest state in terms of wavers

Left to right: Chandler of The H is For, Jessica of Love You More Too, and Brittany of Fit x Brit.

Nothing like spending your morning with friends and fellow bloggers. I knew almost all these girls and it made for a fun and intimate event, goofing off and laughing.


So excited we all having matching shoes. That means more future workout dates and #twinning. Check out the his and hers shot below. Love!mizuno-dallas-deepfriedfit20

Special shout out to Jessica for hosting such a fun party. She’s an amazing blogger and shares great fitness, food, and lifestyle blogs covering North Dallas.


Photo booths are my favorite, so I hope you get a giggle out of our silliness. I’m bananas for bananas.


Have you ever tried Mizuno or a Wave Rider 20 shoe? Drop any questions in the comments below!

This post and experience recap is brought to you by Mizuno.


  1. I love it!! That last photo is EVERYTHING. I will have to send you some more I didn’t post. tehe. Thank you for coming. Its always 20 times more fun when you are there!

  2. I am so ready for all of the twinning opps! I love how we were all at the same event and got something different from the experience and the shoe! Loved your post!

  3. Fascinating! I am new to running but learning to love it and definitely believe that the right shoes can be so important. I will have to check those out. I like the thought of having a spring like feeling under my foot 😉

  4. Cool event. I have never heard of Mizuno! When i think of sneakers all I think are Nike’s lol I need to branch out more. I need to invest in a good running shoe. I might check these out. Also the last photo of you is PERFECT! I wouldn’t expect you to pose any other way in that picture lol

    1. Author

      I definitely like Nike’s for the look and some running. I think when it comes to long distance running or training for marathons, I’d go for Mizuno.

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