Dallas Bike Date with Local Hub Bicycle Co

localhubbc-dallasbiketour-deepfriedfit11October has been a jam packed month. It also included the boyfriend’s birthday. I’m not great about buying gifts, but I love sharing new experiences. I think they are so much more memorable and valuable. One of our favorite memories was riding through Central Park in NYC on bikes, and it inspired me to recreate that here in Dallas at Local Hub Bicycle Co. in Deep Ellum.


While we don’t have a Central Park, we do have some trails that lend themselves for great bike outings. I learned about the Local Hub Bicycle Company when I won the Downtown Dallas Inc Live Like a Local Contest and thought this would make for a fun date.


I also listed this as one of my DARTable Date ideas, so it just worked out perfectly. Bike rentals go for $10 and hour or $35 for a whole day and you get helmet and lock too. They also host weekly group bike events.

Since Danny and I both have really flexible schedules, we chose a Wednesday morning to spent the day together. The weather was also perfect.


We got our bikes compliments of Local Hub and had two choices. We could get on the Strain Trail and head toward Trinity Groves or hop on the Sante Fe Trail and ride to White Rock. We opted to see the lake and rode he 4.5 miles toward White Rock.

The Santa Fe trail does go through East Dallas (my hood!) and for the first part is sort of sketchy. But after about ten minutes, it hits Lakewood and the trail becomes quite peaceful and beautiful before it connects with White Rock. I’d recommend only going during the day with at least one other person. And I definitely wouldn’t walk this trail.


For a leisurely bike ride, it took us about 20 minutes to get to the White Rock and then another 15-20 to ride toward Winfrey Point. We stopped at the dock and just enjoyed the day!

localhubbc-dallasbiketour-deepfriedfit5 localhubbc-dallasbiketour-deepfriedfit6 localhubbc-dallasbiketour-deepfriedfit8

We’re also big nerds and don’t mind a little Pokemon hunting.


He made us stop to catch something. Repeat 20x.

Deep Ellum is quite beautiful during the day and after a 12 mile bike ride, we went to Pecan Lodge. See…there’s a method to my madness. Middle of the day, there were no lines and we shared a 3-meat plate. We chose brisket, pork rib and sausage with bacon mac n cheese. UGH. So good. Next time, we’ll most likely hit up the new Emporium Pies that just opened next door to Pecan Lodge.


This totally put us in a food coma, but worth it! Super fun day and I hope more people are up for exploring Dallas and doing something a little different. If you decide to use this date idea or make it a group outting, wear SPF (not much coverage), some snacks, and your sunnies. Tons of food choices in Deep Ellum for lunch afterward to make the ride worth it. Fall is almost here and the weather will be prime for more bike rides.



When was the last time you rode a bike?!


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