Gym Review: Getting the most from Fitness Connection Mesquite

When it comes to fitness, I’m a total gym rat. I love spending my hour in the zone, crushing my weights, while listening to a killer playlist. So when Fitness Connection reached out to me to visit their new gym, I was definitely curious to see how their facilities measure up to other big box gyms since I’m more of a boutique gym gal. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised and enjoyed checking out their newest location in Mesquite.

First Impression

This place is HUGE! It felt like it would never end. The Fitness Connection in Mesquite is massive and my jaw kept dropping as the trainer led me on a tour of the gym and listed out all the offerings. It’s bright, well lit, and clean. I was so impressed with everything Fitness Connection had to offer right off the bat.

The Space

Everything is brand spanking new and there are two levels with a large variety of equipment and workout spaces. Upon entering, there is a large Kid’s Club for families. There’s even a children’s basketball court and mini-theater along with a play area. I can see this being a big draw for anyone with kids that need an hour of sweat without having to worry about getting a sitter.

On the main floor, you’ll find an expansive floor of different machines for any and every body part, squat racks, free weights, free motion machines and more. There’s even a crossfit rig, turf area for tire flips and battle ropes. The facility also boasts 3 half basketball courts, a state-of-the-art spin studio, and a pretty legit group fitness studio as well. There’s ample space to do your own thing if you need your own space.

On the second floor, you’ll find all the cardio machines. There are rows of treadmills, bikes, versa climbers, stair masters and more. Toward the back, there is ab machines and mats for ab work. If you’re near the front, you can see onto the gym floor. Pretty cool.


Some really cool things to note is the Women’s Workout room. This was really thoughtful move and I loved that they created a comfortable space for women to workout in the privacy of their own area. Gyms can be so intimidating for anyone, especially women, that may not be familiar with the machines or know what to do for a comprehensive workout. I can totally relate to feeling like everyone is watching me, even though I’m pretty sure they aren’t. Being able to get in a workout without feeling self conscious is a great way to encourage ladies to get their sweat on!

I wasn’t able to try it myself, but there’s even a cardio theater room for Fit Flix. Ladies can hop on a cardio machine of their choice (bike, stairmaster, treadmill) and watch a movie while they burn calories. Pretty awesome! Genius actually. In the bathrooms, there are separate areas for toilets, showers, and there’s even a sauna.


The gym is always busy. Even so, there’s always a machine available. Like any gym at peak time, there are a lot of people working out, but you make it work.


With all these amazing amenities, what’s the catch right? It’s hard to believe the membership price is $10 a month (+an annual fee and enrollment) and there are no contracts involved, so you can cancel whenever. Tour the club for details. There are Fitness Connections located mostly in the outskirts of central Dallas such as Garland, Carrollton, Allen, Irving, Arlington, and Lewisville and they all have a pretty similar set up. I do believe the Mesquite location is the largest in the Metroplex. To check it out, you can redeem a 5-day pass at any location. Find the closest location to you here.


I loved the energy. I have my days when I love an empty gym and have days when I love seeing other people crushing their workouts too. It was great getting to use all the new equipment and mixing it up at the turf/training area. Since I have no many options, I can get really creative with my workouts.


Usually, I like being left to my own devices. Would have loved to see the trainers and staff members engage with new customers a bit more.

The Takeaway

I used to be sketchy about big box gyms. In the past, my experiences were never great in terms of customer service and upkeep of the equipment. I’m pleased to say I really do like this gym and would certainly come back. It’s really affordable for anyone looking for a new gym home. Ten bucks a month is a steal for all that comes with the membership and I can see it being a huge win for families. I wish there was one in Central Dallas!

This post is sponsored by Fitness Connection. All opinions remain my own.

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