Fitness Studio Review: Social Mechanics


If I were to describe Social Mechanics, it’s one of those places that looks like only Olympians train and there’s no room for feeble ole me. But that’s just outside perception and couldn’t be further from the truth. Social Mechanics has one of the most welcoming communities I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve been to a ton of studios and gyms all over Dallas. Here’s my review of this gym that claims a spot on Lower Greenville.

My Experience: I used my StudioHop membership to check out this gym for the first time months ago. I was in desperate need of a butt kicking workout and wasn’t in the mood to do it myself. It’s not a crossfit gym. They dub themselves a functional fitness gym, which means The welcome I received was more than just “Hello! Welcome to so-so gym!” I was also greeted by other members, complete strangers actually, and instantly felt included in a group that all seem to know each other. I was so taken aback and thought surely, it’s a fluke. The workout itself is a really great strength workout and I love coming back.


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The Space: Social Mechanics is a garage style gym located on Lower Greenville, next to Remedy and HG Sply Co. It seems random, but it’s not. All three are owned by the same owner and there’s an awesome philosophy about why. Sweat at Social Mechanics, fuel up at HG Sply Co. and treat yourself at Remedy. That’s a life I can get behind. The space is one long rectangular room with a large garage door that’s always up during the workouts. Pretty open space with a few rigs set up on one side, bars and weights on the other.


The Class: Most of the workouts are some sort of interval or circuit workout. Almost every class I’ve taken starts with a short run around the block and some sort of dynamic warm up. This is how I prefer to warm up and love that they incorporate it that here. It’s so crucial for the workout that’s ahead. There’s a good mix of men and women and they are all killing it. I don’t lift heavy, but I was able to keep up at my own pace and push myself.

The workouts are designed for you to go at your own pace and at a weight that’s challenging. They mix in body weight exercises with weights. You’ll get a chance to use barbells, bosu balls, row machines, and more. Not once did I feel like I was being judged. It made the experience so much more invigorating. I left feeling like a million bucks.



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The Instructor: I’ve only ever had Brittany or Cristin and they are both excellent. They make you do work! They are knowledgable and really break down movements for you. I also appreciate their attention to my form. When you are doing squats or deadlifts, it’s a move that you can easily mess up, and I appreciated being taught how to do them properly. They are essentially teaching you the basic movements that you can build on.


Favorite: I LOVE their community. It’s just so warm and welcoming and I experienced it every single time I went. During the workouts, people are cheering you on or telling you good job and you can’t help to do the same for someone else. I don’t go frequently, but every time I came back, it almost like I never left. I also love the workouts. They truly push you to your limits and challenge in all sorts of ways.

Feedback: Don’t really have any feedback other than that I’m not a fan of the reusable water bottles. So I definitely only bring my own.


Difficulty Level: Moderate. It’s definitely challenging cardio wise, but it’s doable. There are moves that are an active recovery, but man was my heart rate through the roof. The strength part for me was my favorite. The cardio was a reminder that I need to run more. Ha!

social-mechanics-dallas-1FYI/Costs/Parking: There isn’t a designated parking lot for Social Mechanics, but there are parking lots all around. I’d park behind Crisp Salad or Raggin Crab. That seems to be the easiest. Bring your water bottle and sweat towel. Also, a membership at Social Mechanics also includes a discount for HG Sply Co. and Remedy.


The Takeaway: Social Mechanics is  great place to visit if you crave more total body strength workouts. I wish more fitness communities worked harder to create a culture of support and encouragement. I always leave feeling refreshed, positive, and tired to the bone.

Have you ever been to Social Mechanics? What was your experience?


  1. Everytime I go to HG I peek in there. I had no idea they were owned by the same people!! How fun! It sounds like it was encouraging and butt kicking.

  2. Bare bones gyms are always super intimidating, but the best once you start talking to people. That cardio comment was so on point for me. I’ll lift weights all day, but I hate running

  3. Tried this place because of Studiohop and I loved it. Everyone is friendly and encouraging.

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