My 5 Favorite Fitness Essentials

Today, I’m sharing my favorite fitness essentials that have become a permanent part of my workout regimen. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life, but I love constantly moving. However, countless hours staring at a computer screen, my phone, or just people-ing in general can leave me drained. Hitting the gym is my time to focus on me, jam out to a sick playlist and get it done. Here are some of my favorites to make my workout efficient, comfortable, and easy.

Stay cool with Takeya ThermoFlask

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I have TONS of water bottles. Like way too many, but the Takeya thermoflask has become my absolute favorite and I never leave anywhere without it. It’s stainless steel core keeps my water cold all day long. I don’t mind lukewarm water, but after a sweaty workout in the dead heat of Texas, nothing tastes better than chugging some ice cold water. It’s also been my companion water bottle for my recent trips in California, Utah, and adult summer camp.

Eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash Firewheel



amazinglashdallasWhen Amazing Lash in Firewheel approached me about getting a set done, I was super excited to give it a try. I have so many fit friends that get their lashes done, but now I know WHY they do it. I’m not one to wear make up to the gym, but I don’t like looking completely bare faced either. The lashes save me time getting ready and I can head to the gym, sweat it out and still look “put together” afterward when I’m rushing to my next meeting. I asked for the Cute, because I didn’t want a bird on my face and loved how they look. They don’t bother me at all and have withstood sweaty outdoor workouts, water, and more. Might not be great for daily hot yoga or daily swimming, but for my workouts, they are perfect.

Hand free workouts with the Slimclip Case


I can’t tell you how many times I complain about my iPhone armband. It’s chunky, gets dirty really easily and I often get my headphones tangled or caught on something. I just want to be able to workout without fumbling with my phone or headphones, easily change my music, and/or snap chat my workouts. haha. The Slimclip case is seriously the best invention ever. It works like a regular iPhone case. It’s thin and unobtrusive and stays put when you slip it on your workout pants. It’s perfect for normal gym workouts and even running! You can get 15% off + free shipping in the U.S. using my code DEEPFRIEDFIT.

MisFit Fitness and Activity Tracker

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Guys. It seems like I’m gushing about everything, but that’s how serious I am about these being my favorite workout essentials. I’ve used them all summer long and they have withstood my workouts. The MisFit is amazing! I have a FitBit and quickly lost the excitement of using it because of the inconvenience of constantly having to charge it. If I missed a Monday Challenge, I didn’t want to or care to use it for the rest of the week. Bad I know, but I’m competitive and it didn’t seem worth it since it wasn’t an accurate count for the week. lol. MisFit was recently acquired by Fossil and I think it’s a superior product to the basic FitBit. It’s stylish and created for women with lots of fun accessories and colors.

My favorite features include it being completely waterproof (so you can submerge in water and go swimming) and it uses a battery you change every 6 months, so you never have to worry about charging it. The best part are all app integrations. I can sync it to my Spotify and tap my MisFit to skip songs. So when paired withe SlimClip above, it makes my workouts super convenient. WAY better then fumbling with my phone on a run or at the gym when a song comes on I don’t like. It makes my workouts handsfree. Other fun features include an alarm clock, text, call and email notifications, reminders to move every hour, and other fun integrations with apps like My Fitness App, Nest, and more. I could keep going, but you get the jist.

Recovery made easy with the MyoBuddy Massager



You might have caught my review earlier this week,  but the MyoBuddy is definitely a game changer in my recovery routine. It’s definitely an investment piece, but a great tool to use on sore muscles, trigger points, and even on certain injuries. I have really tight hips which causes pain and discomfort all over my body from the imbalance. I’m still a fan of the spa experience, but the MyoBuddy gives me a chance to work out knots and kinks on a daily basis. It comes with three speeds and is great for deep tissue massages too. It’s awesome! I also have a special code for $50 off + free shipping at check out. Just use DEEPFRIEDFIT16.


Excited to share that I’m partnering with MisFit, Takeya and Amazing Lash Firewheel to host this giveaway of some of my fav fitness essentials I mentioned above. The giveaway ends on September 14 at 11:59pm.

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These products and services were provided to me complimentary, however all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Misfit please! ?? I’m tired of explaining that my Fitbit blaze isn’t an Apple Watch ?. Also, one can never have too many water bottles! None of mine are very insulated, so the Takeya would be ??????. Thank you!!!

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