Product Review: MyoBuddy Massager Pro

myobuddy massager pro

Having a fit lifestyle is just another way to of showing your body love. It’s not just about logging in the sweaty hours, but it’s about recovery and taking much needed breaks as well. I’ve had to learn the hard way about the importance of recovery, stretching, breaks, and rest.

I recently learned about the MyoBuddy Massager Pro at a fitness blogger conference in LA. I had just done a super hard workout and needed some relief from the tension in my hips. When I stumbled upon their booth, I all but begged for someone to literally wipe the pain away. It was glorious. I experienced a similar product at a friends home a few months earlier and knew immediately I wanted to work with MyoBuddy.

myobuddy massager pro

At home, I have an assortment of rollers, ropes, bands and balls to work out knots and loosen muscles. I’ve even started to keep Epson Salt on hand. The MyoBuddy was the final tool in my arsenal of recovery. Here’s a review of the MyoBuddy:

Product: The MyoBuddy Massager Pro is a percussive massager, which means it vibrates at a high speed while “striking” at you and goes in a circular motion. The movement is so tiny you can barely see it. It’s a handheld device you plug into an outlet. It comes with a long cord so I never worry about being restricted. It’s great for relieving sore muscles after every workout and can be used for deep tissue, myofacial pain, and trigger points.

How it works: It’s pretty user friendly. There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles. You simply plug it into the wall and press the ON button. You adjust the speed and strength of the vibration by pressing the on button again. There are only 3 speeds and they are consistent. There aren’t any pulses or features like that. It’s pretty simple and straight forward. It is recommended to hold the device with both hands. The MyoBuddy Massager comes with two bonnets, which is a cloth that covers the head of the massager. One can be used over clothes or linens, the other can be used with lotion. You can view more details on their user manual here.

myobuddy massager pro

Benefits: The MyoBuddy Massager is a device I believe also is marketed to medical spas, physical therapy or perhaps chiropractor offices, but I definitely love having it in house. It’s my personal massage therapist! It’s a powerful tool I use in conjunction with my monthly massages and my active lifestyle. While scheduling a sports massage once a week would be totally lovely, I definitely can’t afford that luxury. However, taking recovery and turning it into a daily routine with the MyoBuddy is a great way for me to maintain my health and help my muscles recover on a daily basis.

I also loved the power of the different speeds. That’s definitely the key benefit to the MyoBuddy. The struggle I had with cheaper massagers was the lack of power. There’s a difference with a nice feel good massage and one that hurts so good. The different speeds are great for different things. Some for leisure and others for more therapeutic reasons.

It’s great after a hard workout to break up the lactic acid that builds up when I’m laying down or sitting. I hate the stiffness that results from a hard workout. My hips tend to get really tight and I know my calves and feet need a whole lot more TLC than I care to give and using the massager is so easy and truly blissful. I also use the edges to dig into certain areas for more of a deep tissue treatment.

myobuddy massager pro

Cons: I think the price of a MyoBuddy Massager Pro can initially be a turn off or at the very least a surprise for consumers who don’t regularly purchase personal massagers. It retails for $399. I certainly consider this an investment piece. I looked up pricing for massagers and have tried my share over the years. You definitely get what you pay for. With sports massages going for $100 a pop, skipping a few times will definitely add up and can go toward the MyoBuddy.

Another potential con, while you can get to most of your muscles alone, it does require a person to help get to hard to reach places like between the shoulder blades or the lower back. It’s definitely designed so another person can handle the massager on another person. Fortunately, my boyfriend is a big fan so we trade off giving each other massages and safely handling the MyoBuddy with care.


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How do you show your body love every day? Leave me a comment below and share your favorite tips.

This post was sponsored by MyoBuddy Massager Pro with a complimentary product. However, all opinions are my own.


  1. I love this product. I was eagerly waiting for a product that improves my health and relaxes stress. From your review, I feel MYOBUDDY MASSAGER is the one. I gonna afford this and share the reviews with you shortly.

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