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Digital Invite_IG_V2_DallasI’m always up for a good challenge so I want to share the Nike “Better For It” Challenge. Nike launched a global campaign this past April in an effort to inspire and motivate women to push themselves in achieving any goal they set.

This week, Nike kicked off an 8-week YouTube series, which is both refreshing and light hearted, called Margot v Lily. It’s about two sisters who take up unique challenges involving fitness, getting out of comfort zones and of course, awesome Nike apparel. You can read more about it here.

In conjunction, Nike Dallas is adding a local and digital element that I think is super fun and gives everyone (yes, you!) an opportunity to get involved and #BeBetterForIt. In tandem with the 8 week series, challengers are tasked to complete a Nike Training Club workout via app or at a workout in-store and share at least 8 photos on social media along the way. In addition, there are other mini challenges, such as posting a photo and tagging some friends to join.

2016-04-02_822_BFIDallasSocialShareHere’s how to get involved:

  1. To get started sign up for a Nike+ account. It’s free!
  2. Download the free Nike Training Club (NTC) app on your phone!
  3. Watch new Margot vs Lily episodes each week at nike.com/dallas
  4. Complete the weekly featured workout found on nike.com/dallas
  5. Post an image of your workout to Twitter or Instagram, with hashtags: #betterforitDALLAS, #betterforit,  and #contest
  6. Make sure to tag @nikewomen and @nikedallas (twitter)
  7. Complete the optional mini challenge found on nike.com/dallas and/or via email


At the end of the 8 week challenge, 8 people have the chance to win head-to-toe Nike gear featured in the series. How cool is that?!

Special tip: Hit up the Twitter account. They are the most active there. The more you share, the better chance you have at winning.

I’m super excited to be taking part of this challenge with my Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. It’s so much more fun with friends cheering you on and we’re just better for it! Remember, you can catch a free NTC workout every Wednesday at 630pm or Saturday morning at 9am at Northpark Center in the center courtyard. Sign up on nike.com/dallas.




  1. Technology has really allowed us to “reach out and touch Someone” in ways I don’t think SW bell could have ever imagined. Going to forward this challenge to as many women in my life as possible. Is it only for women? Where do you find this stuff? Awesome challenge!!!
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Author

      Yes it does! And it’s so easy to make friends now too. I usually get emails letting me know of upcoming events so I share what i think would be the most fun!

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