The Barre Code Event Recap + Studio Review

Today, I’m sharing a review of The Barre Code studios in Dallas. As long as I’ve been a fitness blogger, I’ve only attended a handful of barre classes in hybrid studios, making this is my first barre studio review. Ever. What?!


Starting my fitness journey, I was a self-proclaimed gym rat. I love strength and weight workouts and never gave much thought to yoga, Pilates or barre. I was one of those girls that put those workouts in a box and labeled it as not challenging enough for me. Oh how wrong I was…

As I continued to grow my blog, I expanded my own horizons and fell in love with yoga, have a better appreciation for Pilates and will never underestimate a barre class, much less one at The Barre Code. These types of classes gave me the balance I needed in my workouts and helped keep me injury free.


This past weekend, I hosted a fitness event for the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, local influencers, and fitness enthusiasts looking for a great workout at The Barre Code in Plano. The class featured a special mash up of Brawl (kick boxing), the signature Barre Code class, and barre-dio (a dance cardio class). It was really fun being able to get a taste of several of the studio classes all in one hour.



After the class, partner vendors really brought the event together. Brick Betty is a Dallas-based fitness apparel company and owner Amy showcased her colorful trunk show.


Wholesome Grub came to rescue and treated everyone to their delicious quinoa salad, veggie spring rolls and jerk chicken wraps. I’m sure we were all famished after a workout that seriously kicked out butts.


DFAxBarreCode_38 DFAxBarreCode_43 DFAxBarreCode_56Casey from Skinnocent was all set up to treat ladies to a refreshing post workout facial.


The turnout was great and so was the energy! I get really giddy when I see people trying something new. We had quite a few first-timers in class and it truly made me happy to see so many women get together to love their bodies through fitness. What a great way to start my weekend.

In addition to classes I’ve taken at the Plano location, I also enjoyed a month long membership at the Design District location. Here’s a review of the studios below based on my experience at the two studios:

The Studio: The studio spaces are one-room studios with a lobby, changing rooms, and locker area. It’s cozy and welcoming with lovely barre code colors sprinkled into the decor. You’ll catch pops of pinks and greens throughout the studio. There is one large room where all the classes take place. The foam floors are standard in all the rooms and help make it a safe and low-impact workout. Each location is unique from the other. The Plano location is a bit more spacious with a vanity area for freshening up after classes. The Design District location has a rooftop where classes are sometimes held during the warmer months.


The Instructors: The instructors are friendly and full of energy. They are encouraging and always have a smile on. I’ve taken Julie M.’s class at the Design District and as the lead instructor, she does a great job guiding the class through the challenging routines and keeping everyone motivated. I also enjoyed Juli G.’s teaching rapport at the Plano location. Love that she can lead a class and still make a few jokes to keep us laughing while our buns are burning.


The Classes: I’ve had the chance to take the signature The Barre Code class, brawl and HIIT. I really enjoy the barre code classes. With new routines every week, the classes are different and use props such as balls, bands, and kettle bells. Weights are used throughout the class. I love how creative they can be in targeting certain muscles and really working them to exhaustion. I also appreciate that there’s a lot of core work involved too. You’ll work your legs, glutes, arms, shoulders, core, and back all in one class.

Brawl is so fun! It’s a kickboxing cardio class. It’s fast paced and may take one or two classes to get the hang of.  If you’re a fan of dance cardio, this class has a similar choreo element, but with kicks and punches. I’m glad the instructors break it down and the mirrors are a big help. If you’re a first timer, I’d recommend being in front and closer to the instructor. I think it’s easier to watch the movements if listening to verbal cues can be too much. Your heart rate will skyrocket.


I wish I had taken the bootcamp class over the HIIT. I wasn’t a fan of the HIIT class. There was way too much jumping for my taste and I found myself quickly bored with the routine. I was craving a little more strength or weights incorporated into this routine than cardio.

Difficulty Level: It’s open to all levels, but you are welcome to modify or take a break in between. Initially, it can be intimidating, but stick with it. The community is very encouraging. I like to describe it as a different type of strength, requiring you to push through the burn and not give up. You’ll certainly feel it after every class, but jelly legs are perfectly normal. Remember, you aren’t the only one in class feeling like you’re on the struggle bus. Don’t underestimate it.

Loved: I love the community, culture, and values the Barre Code is founded on. The studios attract a female-centric group and promotes self-confidence, body love, and empowerment that I can totally get behind. I also love that this barre studio also offers HIIT, bootcamp, barysa (barre yoga) and other classes, making it a unique place for women to incorporate more strength and cardio into their workouts. The studios are also very active in the community. You can follow them here and here to see when they host free events or if they are participating in in races, challenges, and so on.


Feedback: Personally, I’m not a fan of dark rooms, but I can totally see why some people would want the cover of darkness to get through such an intense workout. I think having both a HIIT and Bootcamp class, being so similar is a little unnecessary.

FYI/Costs/Parking: There are 4 locations (3 in Dallas, 1 in Fort Worth), each are separately owned. I don’t believe memberships work at each studio. You’ll have to sign up at your resident studio and pricing varies for each studio for first timers and drop-ins.

You’ll need special grippy socks or barre socks for class. While it’s not mandatory, but recommended, you can purchase them at the studio too. At both the Design District and Plano location, parking is plentiful and easy. There aren’t showers in the studio.


The Takeaway: If you’re looking for a studio that does barre well and offers a variety of other classes, you should check out The Barre Code. It taught me to really love the toning and leaning benefits you get from barre and appeases my love for variety and strength workouts. Plus, the socks can be so darn cute.


  1. Great review! I have only tried a barre class once and it was really challenging. I went to a studio in Coppell. I was sore for at least 3 days lol I am also one of those women who puts their workout routine in a box and think other fitness classes are not challenging enough if I am not lifting heavy weights. I need to broaden my fitness choices.

    1. Author

      Yea, I’ve definitely come to appreciate it. Will never underestimate a barre class, ever again.

  2. Such a great review! You girls were so full of energy. Brawl is my absolute favorite workout 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you!! I’m so glad you got to see first hand what DFA is all about. So happy you’re a part of it now!

  3. As a fellow Barre Code enthusiast, I concur with everything you said in your review! Especially about the HIIT class… it’s too repetitive in my opinion and I always find myself looking at the clock, wanting time to speed up. I think you would have really enjoyed TBC (the bootcamp class) because it’s super challenging and is a mix of cardio and strength training.

    1. Author

      Yes, I felt the exact same way!! I missed you at the event. I think you wouldve enjoyed it. Hope I catch you at the next one.

  4. Great review! I love that you are always so honest when you review studios! It really helps me to be able to weigh the pros and cons before trying them for myself!

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