Completing Nike’s Better For It Challenge


Almost two months ago, I took on the Better For It challenge by Nike and encouraged everyone I knew to do it with me. It was a weekly challenged that asked women to stay accountable by working out and sharing their workouts on social media. This digital challenge, specially made for Dallas fitness folks (hey hey!), was also inspired by Nike’s national Better For It campaign, based on their first video series Margot versus Lily. It’s a mini series that followed the journey of two sisters who couldn’t be more different and how they overcame their own challenges to become better for it.


At the end of the contest, eight winners would be chosen and would be outfitted head to toe in Nike gear (duh!) as a reward for sticking it out. I couldn’t have been more excited to be chosen as one of the eight. We were all invited to a private workout at Social Mechanics on Greenville followed by delicious food from HG Sply to refuel.


Nike is happiness.


These Nike Lunar Sculpts are my new favorite training shoe. SO comfy and so light!

It was one of those beautiful Saturday mornings. The kind of day you’d never want to waste and what better way to start it than with a great workout. Cristen, our instructor, lead us through an abbreviated 25 minute workout which left me depleted and invigorated.


Our private class went through a quick warm up run, a few dynamic stretches (always a plus!) and got straight into kettle bell work, lunges, squats and more. Functional fitness y’all.




What was super cool was being able to kill this workout with other fitness junkies like myself. All the winners had great stories to share and I love meeting people! Their dedication pushed me through every set. I had so much fun.


The absolutely BEST part for me was being completely surprised and seeing that one of my friends was selected as a winner! Her name is Christina and she is so cool. She and I met a few years ago playing flag football. She just so happened to read my post about the Better For It challenge weeks ago, decided to commit and did such a fantastic job, she was chosen as a winner.


It was such a treat to see her reap the rewards of a total Nike outfitting! I’m so glad I was able to experience this with her.


Beyond the eight week challenge, this challenge fostered a fitness community in Dallas I had so much fun engaging with. My biggest takeaway is that we will all continue to work on ourselves and become better for it beyond just the event and contest. The contest was a great reminder we aren’t alone in this journey for continuous improvement. It’s definitely more fun with friends to cheer you on along the way.


Experiences like this remind me how much I love sharing fitness with friends and how fun it is to connect with other people. I’m sure I’m abnormally giddy and seem to have wayyyy too much fun getting my ass kicked in class, but hey… fitness is my drug. The high from this event lasted all weekend. Can’t wait for the next challenge.

All photos provided by Nike.


  1. Wow great job, it looked really tiring! I love challenges like these because it’s a great way to restart the engine and get back into fitness. I love the idea of continuous improvement, because I think fitness is a lifestyle and it’s always good to remember that!

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