Fitness Snack Roundup + Giveaway

snacksIf it weren’t for snacks being in arms reach, I’d probably cry from hanger every single day. If you search my desk, I have my stock piles of bars, nuts, teas, instant ramen (for when I’m desperate), and condiments. Keeping snacks handy keeps me from over-indulging on the regular and fueled to continue my day, especially when I’m heading to a workout and need to eat on-the-go. Here’s a round up of new snacks I got to try and a few recommendations for you.


Kala Beans are roasted fava bean snacks that come in four fun flavors to satiate your sweet or savory cravings. Really enjoyed the the Cherry Trail Medley and the Tropical Curry. These really came in handy at work when I needed a few handfuls to munch on between meals.  Each serving has 7gs of protein. They are also available at Sprouts!



I’m a coconut fiend! Vita Coco Coconut Water is a go-to for me. I grew up eating coconut meat as a dessert, slurping curries made with coconut milk, and cooling off to a refreshing coconut water drinks at a local pho restaurant. While coconut water is recognized as healthier alternate to sugary electrolyte drinks, I enjoyed using coconut oil in my cooking as a replacement for butter. There seems to be tons of uses for it beyond beauty and skin treatments. So versatile.


Exo Bars are a new phenomenon in the market using protein powder made from cricket flour. Yes, you read that right. Cricket (flour) Protein Bars. While you un-crinkle your nose, they are pretty good taste wise. But I found out, from making all my friends sample them, that you either like them or hate them. There is a grainy, gritty texture, but it didn’t bother me. Reminds me of some of the crumbly bars I used to eat. The blueberry one to taste like a fig newton. Considering how many gross protein bars are out there, you’d have absolutely no idea these were made from crickets. They are soy, grain, dairy, and gluten-free too. There’s quite a bit of interesting info on their site about the power of cricket protein. My only gripe is that the calorie, fat and sugar levels are high, promising only 10gs of protein. I’d eat half a bar as a snack right before a workout.


Premier Protein has some great shakes. Love that they deliver 30gs of protein with 1g of sugar and it’s only 160 calories. Using this as a meal replacement is pretty awesome and convenient. I usually chug one on my drive in to work as my breakfast. The vanilla and chocolate ones were winners!


I recently discovered these at The Ride House and love them as a quick pre-workout snack. Honey Stinger Waffle Crisps are organic and come in a bunch of flavors. They are also known for making energy gels, chews, bars and other stuff. I highly recommend the chocolate or the honey flavored crisps.

Now that I’ve shared my snack review, I’ve also partnered with Exo Bars and VitaCoco to bring you this fun giveaway. Follow the steps below to be entered to win:

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  1. Ok, so right now I am addicted to the Kind brand Oats and Honey bars! I have an addictive personality though which means it will be something else next week! Can’t wait to try some of these out!

  2. I have tried Exo and they are pretty tasty despite the fact that I am ingesting bug dust. lol I need to try the Kala beans! They look good.

  3. I think my favorite snack is likely cashews. You can fit the right amunt in your hand, and they are a great quick pick me up I am a huge fan of finger foods.

    tannawings at gmail dot com

  4. I usually have an Oatmega or Quest protein bar hanging out in my purse since I’m always on the go for work! Oatmega’s chocolate coconut crisp flavor is probably my one of the best bars I’ve had, and Quest’s chocolate chip cookie dough flavor curbs my sweet tooth–just heat that one up in the microwave for 10 seconds and it’s basically a cookie. ??

  5. Okay so my all time favorite grab and go snack with 6g of protein (I eat two at a time) are those little prosciutto wrapped cheese sticks!! So delish! And then a snack that takes about 1 minute to make that you’ve got to try if you haven’t, half an avocado and about half a cup to a cup, depending on how much you want, of cottage cheese. When I heard about it I thought, “how nasty.” BUT, it is soo good!! Give it a shot! Thanks for all your recommendations :). I love the honey waffle crisp too.

  6. My favorite snack at the moment is a sliced apple with almond butter! Also, love the Honey Stinger waffles for long bicycle rides!!

  7. I’m obsessed with Larabars! I swear one of the ingredients must be magic because they taste just like a cookie. Lots of protein and supper yummy. Also a fan of Belvita, baby carrots, and almonds mixed with chocolate chips.

  8. My go to snack are questbars! I haven’t found other protein bars that taste so good.

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