Spotlight Series: Spinsyddy from Austin

 Sydney is a fellow fitness blogger of Spinsyddy in Austin and I love following her workout adventure. Similar to the reviews I do on Deep Fried Fit, Sydney is in-the-know of all the best places to sweat in Austin. If you’re heading to ATX for a trip, make sure to check out her page for fitness spots to check out. Check out her Q&A below.
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Name: Sydney Taylor Torabi

Blog Name: spinsyddy
Short About Me: Give me a few details about yourself. Where were you born and raised? Where did you go to school? What is your profession? Family? Kids? Pets? Hobbies? Are you certified in anything? Feel free to share whatever you’d like.
I was born and raised in beautiful Austin, TX!  I grew up in the suburbs outside of the city in Cedar Park but eventually found my way back downtown when I started college at The University of Texas.  I am currently enrolled there and finishing up my last year as a Nutrition in Business Major.  I am one of 3 girls in my family (the middle child) and have a handsome german shepherd/spaniel mix dog named Scotty 🙂  He’s my soul mate.
I was a competitive swimmer practically all my youth, from the age of 7 to 18.  I was beyond blessed to have the opportunity to swim for The University of Texas my freshman year but then decided to call it quits to focus on school b/c the time commitment was INSANE.  I still love the sport and have met some amazing people along the way as well as still go back to my original swim home, Nitro, over the holidays to practice and socialize.
P.S. Signed up for my first Tri in April!  So if anyone has some advice I would love to hear it.
Why did you start your blog and how long have you been blogging?
I started my blog simply because I love working out.  I’ve been competitive my whole life and nothing ever made me feel as good as I did when I pushed as hard as I could during a workout and ultimately saw the results from that hard work pay off.  I’ve only been blogging for a little over 6 months now and absolutely love it!
What is the most valuable piece of advice you’d like to offer to other bloggers who are looking to grow their blog?
I think that for me, the biggest thing was getting to know the fitness community.  Once people know who you are and you start to establish a relationship, not only do you get more likes/views/readers but you get to meet some AMAZING people and find out their story on why they do what they do.
What are your favorite types of workouts?
By far my favorite workout is Cycling. It’s competitive and when I feel my best. My other top favs would be Pilates, HIIT Training, and Barre.
Where’s the best place to get a sweat in Austin/Dallas?
Cyc Fitness in Austin is an awesome spin studio. I workout in Austin pretty much 99% of the time (unless I’m traveling) but from places that are both in Dallas and Austin I would have to say City Surf Fitness b/c the workouts (especially Beach Body Bootcamp) are KILLER in the best way possible.
When you indulge, what do you crave?
Chocolate hands down
Current favorite song you like to workout to?
Get Ugly – Jason Derulo
What’s in your gym bag?
Water bottle, face wash, food of some sort, credit card (for when the workout gear at a studio is too great to pass up), gum, and beats by dre.
Some silly questions for fun:
If you had to choose, would you rather workout without a sports bra or wear see through leggings when you bend over?
Definitely workout without a sports bra b/c free the nipple?
Would you rather workout without deodorant for a week or sweat puddles that leaked over and touched your neighbor?
Well, I already fit the description of “sweat puddles” and have grown to embrace the sweat so, sorry neighbor.
Would you rather eat the same meal for an entire year or not workout for an entire year?
I would rather eat the same meal… In all honesty my life would go to shambles without working out.
Have something in your eye or need to sneeze but never be able to, for a year?
Probably one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked but… something in my eye.  I would wear an eye patch so I wouldn’t blink as much.
Would you rather never have coffee again or live without your favorite dessert forever?
Chocolate > Coffee (sorry coffee)

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