GoBe Games Bring Social Adventure Race to Dallas + Discount

Fun runs are so last year. Enter GoBe Games, a social adventure race that encourages participants to stop “liking” and start “living”. I am totally on board when it means getting out and having fun!

Here’s how it works. Teams of 2-5 people get together on May 22-23 and try to complete as many challenges as they can within 24 hours for a chance to win a free trip to Costa Rica. It’s like doing an entire season of The Amazing Race in 24 hours with your best friends. Challenges will generally start on Friday, May 22 at 5pm, giving teams till 5pm the next day to complete them.

You’ll download the GoBe Games app where you can pick and choose from as many as 300 challenges to complete together. You’ll use the app to submit photos, videos, and check-ins, see your points awarded, and check out a live feed of what your competition is doing.

The challenges are supposed to be fun and I’m sure will make for some photo worthy opportunities. Here are some examples:

Make $5 bucks for charity playing bucket drums.

Earn 5 for charity playing bucket drums

Or shotput a cantaloupe.

Shotput a Cantaloupe

Or taking the two headed churro challenge!

Take the two-headed churro challenge

Or dare someone to eat a tablespoon of wasabi. Burnnnn.

Eat a tbsp of wasabi

GoBe Games isn’t just for hardcore athletes or fitness fanatics! Sure, there are challenges that’ll make you sweat, but there other fun challenges designed to get participants engaged in the community—from eating unhealthy quantities of food at local dives to tracking down otherwise elusive politicians to walking old ladies across the street.

GoBe Games challenges you to GoBe Adventurous, Outdoors, Fit, Cultured, Fed, Charitable, Social, and most of all—Yourself. The event finishes with a huge After Party and Awards Ceremony with a concert that’s free to everyone (not just participants).

Still a little fuzzy on the details? I was too, at first. This video helps illustrate it and it looks hella fun or visit this page and read more about GoBe games:

If you’re up for the challenge, grab a few friends and sign up here. Because, I love you guys, use my promo code: gobedfw83 for 20 percent off the team entry.

Make sure to follow them at: @gobegames and hashtag your challenges #gobegames. Good luck and have fun!


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