Birthday Bubble Soccer at Cole Park

What is bubble soccer you ask? Only one of the best recreational sports ever created. Imagine being encased in a large bubble suit and running full speed at another bubble friend, only to collide and be ejected in the opposite direction. Your legs are dangling in the air as you roll upside down, unsure which way is up. All you see is sky. If this were a cartoon, there would be satisfying BOING! sounds erupting from every part of our faux soccer field followed by squeals of delight and giggles and then followed by profanity (most of the profanity came from me. Soweee…). With the cushion of the inflated bubble, no major injuries are incurred, but you will be sore! You’ll just have to watch my videos to get what I’m talking about.

Guys vs Guys Bubble Soccer. None of the girls wanted to get caught up in any of that. lol

For my good friend Dave’s birthday, 20 of us got together to play a few games of bubble soccer one glorious Saturday morning. As temperamental as Dallas weather can be, it worked in our favor. Woohoo! We were able to dodge the usual 100 degree heat and even got a nice breeze going. Score. Bubble Soccer USA set us up at Cole Park and we gathered into teams of 5 or 6 to play short 5 min games. You think 5 minutes is a short amount time right? Why not 15 min halves of full on futbol? Maybe do it tournament style? HA! It’s a lot more work than you’d think, but definitely a million times more fun. It wasn’t so much a serious game of soccer than an opportunity to work out, shove your friends cause you love them and have some fun. You really did feel like a kid all over again. The concept is so wonderfully silly.

Girl’s Knock Out Round. Watch me (pink shorts) take out 3 of my friends, then lose steam at the end. My friend is an opportunist! I want a rematch!

Bubble Soccer USA can set you up for birthdays, corporate events, or just a random game if you can get at least 15 people to commit. It ends up costing everyone about $20 and it’s well worth it. How often are you going to get a chance to knock the shit out of each other with no real repercussions?? No one is going to punch you and everyone is fair game. Of course the short people got the short end of the stick. (No pun intended. How did I end up lodge in the goal?)

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The bubble suit can get hot and sweaty. It is plastic after all, but we were well equipped. Clorox wipes to wipe down sweat and sanitize for the next rounds (as courtesy), bandaids for tiny skin lacerations you might get from gripping the inside handles too hard, bug spray, sun screen, and lots of water. I would definitely recommend wearing gloves of any kind to protect your hands. (I used my football gloves since I left my workout gloves at home). The impact of colliding can rub the skin on your knuckles right off. Oh and cleats if you have them, but that’s just more for a competitive edge. This was probably the best cardio workout I’ve ever had. Since this is technically contact sport, I felt sore as hell the next day. Felt like I got hit by a car, but it was worth it!! Everyone should try this at least once and the best part is you don’t necessary have to be an athlete. Just wiggle into your bubble, find your target and run (or waddle) at someone. Definitely a successful start to a birthday celebration for an awesome person. Thanks Tweety for getting us all together for this unforgettable event. Wishing Dave the happiest of birthdays!


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