Had a blast at the 2014 Katy Trail 5K

This was my first time attending the Michelob Ultra Katy Trail 5K and it was a blast. Not for the run, but for the post-run festivities. Most people know, it’s pretty difficult to run competitively just because it’s so crowded and the path is narrow which means a really slow start for anyone not in the very front. Most attendees did it for fun and to support the Katy Trail organization. I signed up because I really wanted to pig out at the picnic. I love love love Katy Trail so I was more than happy to support them.

So my run wasn’t quite a run… It was hot and humid and my heart was set on the picnic so after the first mile, I took a shortcut so I could make it to the picnic before the lines got too ridiculous. Don’t judge me. I was hungry.  Plus, seeing all these youngsters pass me with ease only made me more upset that all these people were beating me to the picnic. Unacceptable.

The picnic was located at Reverchon Park, my favorite park because of the stone tables and walkways. So many restaurants and organizations gave away tons of free food and stuff. I didn’t bother with the mini bites and went straight for the grilled burgers that smelled so amazing.

My other favorite part was getting to do some teaser workouts with City Surf. I was really hesitant at first, but at the end, I was really proud I could do deep squats, push ups and mountain climbers without falling on my face. I call that a win. Great day, tons of pics, lots of friends… it was absolutely fantastic and tons of fun. Can’t wait to come back next year.


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