Wing Bucket full of Disappointment

Wings. I don’t crave wings the same way I crave fried chicken. Weird I know. The only wings I actually looked forward to try were Bonchon wings, and that was underwhelming. So at the behest of a friend, I checked out Wing Bucket(they dont have site, so just Yelp them). My overall experience was very ok. My biggest problems weren’t with the food.

Here’s what I like: I liked the sides. Creamed corn was pretty yummy, but a little heavy. The flaps were huge and the flavors weren’t bad at all. I only had a chance to try the Muay Thai flavor, which was a sweet chili based flavor, and the safe go-to Garlic parm. As big as the flaps were, I felt that the flavor wasn’t able to penetrate throughout the flaps, so you could only taste the flavors on the skin, but overall it wasn’t bad.

Here’s what I didn’t like: the location. Omg (am I allowed to say “omg” in a blog?), what a terrible location. Right in the heart of downtown, this is not the place to go to any other time then maybe lunch. And even during lunch it’s probably busy as hell. No where to park, right next to the clubs, and the waitresses were also not attentive… definitely not the kind of dinner experience I wanted. Just based on everything but the food, I wouldn’t ever go back on a whim. Meh. Pass.

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