A Brunch Must: Origin Kitchen + Bar

Brunch is one of my favorite events. Yes, I say event like it’s some special RSVP, be there or be square kind of thing. I love brunch. I love eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love brunch. Did I mention how much I love brunch?

So when this lovely place made it on my radar, I was pleasantly surprised. Small, sleek, aesthetically pleasing, a menu with attention grabbing words like “green eggs and ham” and “creme brulee french toast”. Origin Kitchen + Bar has been open for only two months and it’s perfect for those small brunch dates of 2 or 4.

This ugly, cold, icy, snowy Sunday wasn’t going to keep me from continuing my brunch tradition, so Danny and I headed to Origin for a brunch date. Here’s how we tackled the menu.


Creme Brulee French Toast

We decided to share the Creme Brulee French Toast, which was out of this world good. I am not a fan of sweets at all for breakfast/brunch and I loved that the I could taste the creme brulee in the french toast. It wasn’t overpowering or overly sweet to a point where it would give you a mad headache. The sea salt almond butter mouse paired well with the  blackberry jam. I love that it wasn’t smothered over the french toast, which can make it soggy. Highly recommended!

Seasonal Hash

Seasonal Hash

I started with the Seasonal Hash, 2 eggs over easy, and ground grass-fed beef. My eggs actually came out too cooked which I am assuming is because the hash underneath continued to cook the eggs. I’d recommend sunny side up next time. This hash had chopped sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, apple, and bacon bits. I knew it was going to be sweet going in, but I wasn’t too particular fond of how sweet it was. I think next time, I’ll be that difficult customer that is going to request the good old starchy potato instead. Any kind of hash is my usually my favorite thing to get. A friend said the Peruvian Hash, which has pork tenderloin wasn’t too great either.


Egg in a Hole with brisket

I’ll most likely get this next time as my main dish. The Egg in a Hole is pretty awesome.  Poached egg on buttermilk biscuit over greens with delicious brisket. I loved the gooey egg yolk on the greens. The brisket is tender and somewhat fatty, but that’s how I like it and where I think a lot of the flavor comes from. We ordered the additional side of bacon which was also excellent. Thick, crispy slices. Yum.

Poached Egg on the biscuit

Poached Egg on the biscuit

And that’s all folks! Thanks to Jmak for putting this place on my radar!


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