Fun Partner Workout Ideas You Can Do with a Friend

I LOVE sweat dates. Any chance I get to introduce a friend to a new workout or check out a new space, I am DOWN. Plus, workouts are more fun with friends and the chances for fooding or happy hour right after is exponentially more likely. Today, I partnered with my friend and blogger Jessica of Love You More Too and TakeyaUSA to create a list of partner workouts you can do on your next workout. Most of these exercises require no equipment, making it easy to do at your gym, home, office or outside!

Lunge with Oblique Twist

Love a good combo move. We faced each other, took our legs back for a reverse lunge and then twisted toward the front leg. Alternate legs and twist. I love reverse lunges because it’s easier to keep your forward leg in that 90 degree angle and not let your knee go over your toes.

Partner Sit Ups

The great thing about partner sit ups is using the rhythm to do more than you thought possible. I personally hate ab workouts, but doing them with Jess took my mind off counting and more on seeing who would tap out first. HA.

You’ll get into a normal sit up position. Your toes can touch. Then you’ll lay all the way back, arms extended over head before using your core to pull yourself up and meet your buddy for a clap. Whether you’re doing 20, 30, 40+ sit ups, you’re doing them together and are less likely to want to give up when your partner is counting on you.

Wheelbarrow Push up and Deadlift/Squat

I love this move because it targets both upper body and lower body. While I’m doing push ups, Jess was able to do either deadlifts or squats using my body weight. Since she is definitely taller than I am, she could easily let me do decline push ups.

For deadlifts, make sure your feet is slightly closer than hips distance apart, knees only slightly bent.  Lower to pick up your partners feet. As you lift up to standing position, keep your chest up and use your legs to lift, not your back.

If squats are easier, same principle, but wider stance and more bend in your knees.

Arabesque Leg Lifts

This move challenged our balance while getting in a good butt workout since we had to use each other as anchors. We faced each other and lifted one straight leg back, held it for a second before bringing it back down. You can repeat for 45 seconds before switching legs.

Buddy Jump Squats

Remember what I said about rhythm earlier? Applies to these as well. We faced each other, got into a deep squat, jumped with as much as explosiveness as possible and met at the top with a clap. Your heart rate will be up before you know it.

Plank with Jumps

While one person is holding a plank, the other is carefully jumping from one side to the other as though you’re jumping over a small hurdle. Switch after 45 seconds.

Bonus: Resistance band jump squats

I think everyone should have some basic equipment in their home. Resistance bands take up so little space, but are so versatile in what you can do with them. We took bands with handles and I did forward jump squats aka I look like a flying squirrel. I placed the band around my waste, and jumped against the resistance. My goal is to land softly and in a squat position. Jessica, is in a planted squat position (in the photo, she could be lower) as my anchor.

I hope these workouts inspire you to get active with a friend. Jess and I had a blast even though this was such a cold day to do the shoot. Without realizing it, we got in our workout because to get the perfect shot, we had to do a million of everything. Ha.

If you dig the idea of buddy workouts, head over to Love You More Too. She shared 5 other completely different partner workouts from this list.

I also never go anywhere without my Takeya Thermoflask. It’s my favorite water bottle and I’m sure you’ve seen me share it a ton on Instagram and my stories.  Even during this shoot, I was so thirsty which made me glad I had it nearby.

I met their team last summer at Blogfest and have become such a fan. While I do have a lot of water bottles, Takeya is my favorite for it’s quality, affordability, and convenience. I love that its stainless steel core makes it easy to clean, the handle is easy to grab and go, and my water stays ice cold for over 24 hours. You can also add hot liquids which will stay hot for 12 hours.

I have the 24oz which is the perfect size for all my workouts and fits comfortable on bikes during spin classes. They come in a ton of cute colors like this Ocean and Black (pictured). Bonus, they are now being sold at Target!

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you aren’t following Jessica, you absolutely need to. She’s one of my favorite people ever and we both have a love for fitness and food. FOODIES UNITE!

Activewear Details: Top & Bottoms | Shoes | Fitness Tracker | Water Bottle

When is your next sweat date and what do you have planned? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Special thanks to Colton for taking our wonderful photos. Find him here.

Disclaimer: This blog is sponsored by TakeyaUSA. All opinions are my own. I am not a certified trainer or instructor. I’m sharing workouts I’m comfortable practicing on my own. So if you happen to trip on a twig and bust your face, please don’t sue me.


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      Yes! Im a huge fan of sweat dates. Makes things more fun. I went back and linked the leggings near the bottom of my post too. They’re Revolucion LA.

  2. I had SO MUCH fun sweating with you (like I always do!) Loved partnering and executing these fun moves!

  3. First, I HAVE to get my hands on that water bottle. Second y’all are cute! Love the workout. It looks like something fun to do outdoors on a nice day like what we had on Saturday!

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      Yes you should! It’s definitely my fav water bottle and I have it in all the colors. haha.

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      If you’re ever in Dallas, or if I’m ever in Funky town, Im always game!

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