Football Workout You Can Do On Your Own with Pugh Training

As a kid, playing sports was a huge part of my childhood. I loved joining the school’s soccer team and volleyball team and keeping myself busy. Eventually I discovered flag football in college and was hooked! I’m by no means a great player, but it was definitely fun and gave me something to bond over with new friends. Today, I’m partnering with Pugh Training to bring you a football workout you can do on your next sweat date at the gym or on a field.

You’re probably giving me stank face and mumbling something to yourself like “I don’t play sports.” or”If balls are involved, I’m not coordinated and good bye”. Hold up! Don’t leave. In any sport, training to get stronger and better isn’t always about playing the actual game. There’s a lot that goes into strengthening and conditioning the body in ways a normal gym session won’t.

Check out this sick video of my most recent training session:

I had the opportunity to workout with Jordan Pugh, NFL veteran and former Saints and Redskins player and man… I could not walk right for days. There were muscles firing I didn’t even know I had. Anyway, a Dallas-native, he recently opened his training facility in Richardson where he trains young athletes that want to make it to the big leagues everything they need to know physically and mentally. He also offers fitness classes too.

I was able to bring two of my friends for an early morning workout. And it was challenging, fun, and different from what we are all used to experiencing!

Dynamic Warm Up

If you caught my previous blog, I talked about my favorite warm ups and this is one you’ll love and hate. Put the resistance band around your ankles. Face the side, butt down, chest up and start walking. Push off the back leg. We went down 10 yards and back and did this 4 times. We did this going forward, backward, and diagonally. The purpose of this is to fire up and strengthen all the little muscles in your hips and legs. It’s a challenging warm up indeed, but so good for you, especially before such an intense workout.

Warm up – back and forth 10 yard. Repeat 4x.
1. Side ways
2. Forward and backward
3. Lateral (Face forward, but take wider diagonal steps)

Speed Exercise 1 ( Footwork)

Speed Exercise 1: Quick Foot Ladder: Here you’ll run through the ladder.
1 foot each hole: 2 reps
2 feet each hole: 2 reps
Repeat 4x

Speed Exercise 2 (Footwork)
Quick Foot Ladder (sideways):
Instead of running straight through like you did in the previous exercise, turn side ways.  Your hip should face the ladder. You’ll quickly side step through the ladder.

Lateral: 2 feet each hole: 2 reps
Lateral: Ali Shuffle: 2 reps
Repeat 4x

Lifting Workout:

Push Up Circuit
5 reps (5 sec rest)
10 reps (10 sec Rest)
15 Reps (15 se rest)
20 Reps (20 sec Rest)
25 Reps (25 sec Rest)

Go all the way up to 25 then back down to 5 with the same rest time and repeat that twice. I went on my knees because I tried this at the gym and it burned sooo good.

And done. Just so you know, in the video, we definitely went through a whole lot more drills than the workout provided in this post. I wanted to give you all an idea of what an agility/speed workout would be like without all the bells and whistles. If you dont have a ladder, you section off about 15 long. Some gyms have it and you can always use it. You can do this on turf (if your gym has it) or any open area. If you can’t find space inside your gym, take it outside!

Activewear Details: Top (similar) | Bra | Bottoms | Shoes | Water Bottle

Photos: Danny Mai  //  Video: Respario Digital

Let me know what you think of this football workout in the comments or if you have any questions!

Disclaimer: This workout is brought to you by Pugh Training. I am not a certified trainer or instructor. I’m sharing workouts I’m comfortable practicing on my own and in partnership with Pugh Training. So if you happen to trip over your feet and bust your face, please don’t sue me.


    1. Author

      thank you!! i was sweating bullets and had to go straight on camera. lol i look winded AF

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    1. Author

      I definitely the band work as a warm up for any weight lifting. I have such tight hips, so activating those small muscles are the best.

    1. Author

      He totally kicked all of our asses. I could barely keep up but it was sooooo fun.

  2. I can only imagine how intense this workout really was. Definitely would have been taking 5 to 10 snapchat breaks to catch my breath! lol

    1. Author

      More like 20-30. Jordan will definitely push you to the very limit. Whew!!

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