Sprouts Summer Splash with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors


I found my tribe and I love them hard! I cannot gush enough about each fabulous Dallas Fitness Ambassador. Just a cool group of girls with a love of healthy living and who don’t mind getting sweaty with me. This past weekend, I had a blast at the Sprouts Summer Splash party.

The Workout – Barre Code Design District


With Dallas summer hitting the triple digits, this was such a fun event. We started off the morning with an outdoor Barre Code class hosted by Barre Code Design District. My friend and instructor Lauren definitely left us all with jelly legs and zero guilt for what was in store next.

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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with any barre class. It’s one of the most humbling and constantly underestimated workouts ever. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at, it levels the playing field. All of our legs were shaking like crazy.

The Post Workout Treats

After class, everyone was excited to head into the Sky Lounge for some refreshments and Sprouts really treated us to something special.


I’m sure once everyone saw the Pimp Your Prosecco bar, they immediately thought #EARNEDIT. I know I did. The endorphin boost from the workout definitely let me pour an extra glass of champagne without a second thought. It was so fun pairing my champagne with Sprouts private label sparkling juices and/or new mocktails. I have the perfect recipe for a summer treat using the sparkling juices here. Just add Prosecco. I loved the Tangerine Lemonade flavor and I know the mojito mocktail mixer was a hit. All the berries and herbs made for fun photos too!

dfa-sprouts-dallasbloggers26 dfa-sprouts-dallasbloggers28 dfa-sprouts-dallasbloggers57

After everyone “hydrated”, we watched a quick and helpful demo by Emily Hein of Zen and Spice. She showed us her tips and tricks for healthy and quick power smoothies. Being a fellow blogger, she also shared valuable food photography tips we all appreciated. Plus, the lighting was amazing!!! Blogger dreams.

dfa-sprouts-dallasbloggers59 dfa-sprouts-dallasbloggers55

sprouts-poolparty-dallasblogger4 sprouts-poolparty-dallasblogger3

The Hands On Experience

Being an intimate group, it was easy to split into groups and have some fun making out own smoothie bowls. We used frozen berries, bananas, spinach or kale, yogurt and coconut water to blend our bowls.

dfa-sprouts-dallasbloggers54 dfa-sprouts-dallasbloggers62

I have to admit, I’ve never made my own smoothie before. Valuing sleep more so than breakfast, I never have time in the mornings to make one on the go. Seeing first hand how easy it is, I might have to change up my routine. Plus, it was super fun styling my bowls for that perfect photo.


I dressed mine up with blueberries and raspberries. Also added chia seeds and granola. Next time, I’ll add more banana and spinach! Now I need to figure out how to add chocolate to this concoction…

Time for a splash!

After all was said and done, it was time to relax. This event took place days after getting back from this amazing trip the weekend before. I’ve GO-GO-GO and in desperate need of some down time. And champagne.




It was so nice being able to enjoy the sun, hang in the pool with friends, and continue to nibble on all these goodies. It made for a nice picnic by the pool. It was truly a perfect Saturday.


Are you a fan of Sprouts? What are some of your favorite products? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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