Travel Diary Pt 3: Places to Visit in Miami

miamisights-traveldiary-pt35So I’ve hit up the beach, I’ve stuffed my face with all the good food, and now to all the artsy fartsy sights and tours we took. We wasted no time trying to get to know this city as much as possible. Well…except naps. We did factor in some nap time.

Our first two days was mostly beach and food. We took advantage of the weather since there was a forecast of rain on the later end of our trip.

In my previous post, we made a pit stop to Little Havana for some Cuban food and coffee, but I didn’t mention it was also a cool spot for murals.


miami-guide-sights-tours_025 miami-guide-sights-tours_017 miami-guide-sights-tours_015

miami-guide-sights-tours11 miami-guide-sights-tours7 miami-guide-sights-tours19

Wynwood and the Design District


This place is seriously a fashion blogger paradise for photo shoots. Wynwood and the Design District is probably one of my favorite stops. There were amazing murals everywhere. Even on the floor. Not only did we see tons of murals on businesses, we perused the Wynwood Walls and Wynwood Doors. It was an outdoor art tour of sorts and was incredible. Think a cooler more artsy version of Deep Ellum.


miami-guide-sights-tours_03 miami-guide-sights-tours_05
miamisights-traveldiary-pt7 miamisights-traveldiary-pt6 miamisights-traveldiary-pt5 miami-guide-sights-tours17 miami-guide-sights-tours15

miami-guide-sights-tours20 miami-guide-sights-tours14 miami-guide-sights-tours_014 miami-guide-sights-tours_01 miami-guide-sights-tours3 miami-guide-sights-tours2 miami-guide-sights-tours5

Bay Side

On our last day, we started off the day with a visit to the Bay Area and a speedboat tour.

miami-sights6 miami-sights7


miami-sights3 miami-sights4 miami-sights5

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

I found the real life version of The Secret Garden. This place was absolutely incredible. It’s a mansion built in the early 1900s. This place was incredible, with rooms made of stone, and marble, with an open courtyard inside and adorned with Renaissance inspired furniture, decor, and aged tapestries. There is an enormous garden to the right of the Museum and with a view of the sea directly behind it.

My face when I'm waiting on Danny

The entrance to the Museum and Gardens. My face when I’m waiting on Danny

We couldn’t take photos inside the Museum, but we were able to snap this one going down a spiral staircase. Isn’t it stunning? It’s one of my favorite shots.


View of the “backyard”.

miami-guide-sights-tours_019 miami-guide-sights-tours_010

IMG_1970 IMG_1968

miami-sights8 miami-sights9

It was impossible to capture the essence the gardens and how magical it felt. It wasn’t very busy this day, but is definitely a destination for wedding shoots, quincineras and so on. How those girls work it in those dresses in this humidity is beyond me.


miami-guide-sights-tours_023 miami-guide-sights-tours_022 miami-guide-sights-tours_021

Snack time is also a must.


And then continue…miamisights-traveldiary-pt28 miamisights-traveldiary-pt27

There are also wonderful little coves in this garden.miamisights-traveldiary-pt23 miamisights-traveldiary-pt22 miamisights-traveldiary-pt25 miamisights-traveldiary-pt21

miami-guide-sights-tours_018 miami-guide-sights-tours_016 miami-guide-sights-tours_06 miamisights-traveldiary-pt19 miamisights-traveldiary-pt18

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Miami was such a fantastic trip. It’s always refreshing to experience new things and see new sights for the first times. For the past 6 years, I’ve promised myself to visit at least one new place  each year. Last year was Guatemala, this year it’s Miami. Glad I was able to make a short trip to experience a totally different culture.


At the beginning of our trip, we scored $300 airfare vouchers (woot!) and I’m going to need to visit a beach very soon. Drop a comment below and tell me where should I go next! Mexico? Puerto Rico? Peru?

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