Travel Diary Pt 1: Getting my Vitamin Sea at Miami Beach


Traveling to brand new places is always so refreshing, eye opening, and fun. Especially with good friends. And it felt so good to not have a worry in the world, other than to reapply sunscreen and food.


Being in a land locked state, we were pretty obsessed with Miami Beach the first two days. Plus, we really worked on our tan. We arrived bright and early Friday morning and wasted no time before heading to the beach. We booked the cutest Airbnb so close the Mid Beach, only a 10 minute walk down to hit the infamous South Beach. Prepare yourself for the photo dump.


Walking up the boardwalk and toward the sea is always an exhilarating feeling. So we slathered on the SPF and lots of it, before jumping in. The water was warm and clear. The breeze was perfect, and we couldn’t get enough of it.



miamibeach-traveldiary-pt113 miamibeach-traveldiary-pt132 miamibeach-traveldiary-pt131 miamibeach-traveldiary-pt135

What’s beach time without some light reading and beer? South Beach was also pretty lively for being off-season. The energy was fun and and vibrant. That sun is definitely unforgiving, so we made sure we slathered on TONS of sunscreen and reapplied every other hour. The essentials for beach side fun would be SPF100, cheap sunnies you don’t mind getting ruined in the water. It’ll protect your eyes from the harsh sun. Beer and a portable speaker. Makes all the difference.

miamibeach-traveldiary-pt110 miamibeach-traveldiary-pt129

I even got in a little workout beachside. It was hot and humid in the early morning. Got in a quick run and  short circuit. Plenty of benches for body weight workouts like push ups, box jump squats, and more. It was cool seeing other bicyclists, runners out early to beat the heat. Plus, rehydrating with fresh coconuts was the best treat.

miamibeach-traveldiary-pt130miamibeach-traveldiary-pt123miamibeach miamibeach-traveldiary-pt120

miamibeach-traveldiary-pt121This view was absolutely amazing. Couldn’t get enough of it. miamibeach-traveldiary-pt18

Got as much Vitamin Sea as we could. Soaking up the sun and sorely missed beach vibes. I loved how clear the water was and the random sand dunes in the water. Perfect start to vacation.



Thanks for my tan Miami and the amazing scenery. Got a few more posts coming recapping my eats and sightseeing. Drop a comment below and tell me what some of your favorite places to visit in Miami Beach/South Beach!


  1. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait to read all of the other posts you’re writing so I can pretend that I’m there. haha

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