SIX02 Training Series: Cycling at Flywheel Sports

Another great event in the books with SIX:02 at Flywheel Sports in Highland Park. As part of my training series, I invited the Dallas fitness community to attend an indoor cycling class as an effort to crosstrain for the It’s Your Time 6K. You can learn more about this fun race here.



After such an intense class with Missy, everyone enjoyed refreshments from Buda Juice. I loved the #4 which has apple, cucumber and lemon.


I was also excited to partner with Blushington for the first time and loved the make up touch ups after class. The ladies did a fabulous job with the hot mess I had to present. Everyone looked amazing after their quick touch ups. With two more events for me to hit up later that day, I was so grateful for their magic work.



One of the highlights from this event was meeting some of my followers and hanging out with them. It’s a really cool feeling to chat with the people that have followed my journey and blog. In addition to that, making new friends too. Community events are totally my jam.


Another great highlight was seeing some of my followers actually win the raffles we had. How cool is that?!



In case you missed this fun event, I have one more next month on Saturday, October 24th. I’m ending my series with a bang so you don’t want to miss this one. Definitely follow me on Instagram to stay on top of my updates. In the mean time, SIX02 is hosting a contest for the race where the largest team will win a private party. Sign up for my team Deep Fried Fit (password is deepfriedfit) and use my code DEEPFRIED5 to get $5 off registration. It’ll be a sweaty good time!


  1. This event looked fun! How did I not know about this? Maybe I forgot! I LOVE Buda Juice! I am thinking about trying their week cleanse one day!

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