SIX:02 It’s Your Time 6K Was a Blast!

SIX:02 went all out for their first 6K event in Dallas. I mean ALL out. This was by far one of the best races I’ve attended in terms of organization, swag, and the after party.  Despite being a cold day, 40 degrees is still great running weather and everyone who made it out definitely said it was worth it.

SIX:02 is a women’s athletic apparel brand that hopes to empower and celebrate women while fitting them in fabulous athletic gear so they can look and feel amazing while they work out. The It’s My Time 6K is a unique womens race and entices with a “Sweaty to Ready” outdoor spa treatment post race.

Picked up awesome swag bags for Team Deep Fried Fit!

Picked up awesome swag bags for Team Deep Fried Fit!

Registration/Packet Pick Up: Sign up is pretty standard and the fee was $35, which I think is pretty reasonable. I can actually see it going up a bit next year. I usually prefer Eventbrite for managing teams. Wasn’t a big fan of the platform they used. It was a little difficult to navigate and coordinate with team members. Packets and swag bags could be picked up from the Galleria store location two days before the race. I was really impressed with the swag bags. I received a hot pink Asics dry-tech athletic shirt, a water bottle, towel, and a drawstring gym bag. The quality of the bag is really nice too. I’ve had my fair share of crappy cotton t-shirts and flimsy gym bags. They all usually end up being donated or unused, so I was really excited about my bag!

Race Day: The SIX:02 6K was hosted in Klyde Warren Park. I did early packet pick up to avoid having to stand in line in the cold. I paid $10 bucks for parking by the museums closest to the park. There were designated parking lots, but I wasn’t sure if they were free for runners. The set up was really cute. In the stage area, a pop up shop was set up to encourage runners to buy apparel and you can clearly see a sectioned off area where the outdoor spa would take place. Beautiful SIX:02 vanities and couches were scattered across the lawn. If anyone needed motivation to finish this race, the promise of massages, manicures, make up and hair treatment did the trick. The SIX:02 crew made a huge effort to greet as many runners as possible and ask them a few questions.

The  actual trail weaves through uptown, toward Turtle Creek, onto Katy Trail, back through the AAC area and back to the park. A 6K is about 3.8 miles and I was so impressed with how well they pulled it off. They exceeded my expectations for an inaugural race. I love Dallas and running through Uptown was a great way to start my day. I was just disappointed with the turn out. Approximately 300 people (men and women) signed up for the race. Not sure if it was the weather or how new the race was, but I wish more people could have attended, because they missed out on a great event.

Along the trail, I really loved that there were police officers directing traffic. You would think this is standard, but trust me it’s not. Portable speakers dangled on tree branches and provided music to jam out to. I also noticed porta-potties too, which is really thoughtful. Grey and yellow (SIX:02 colors) balloons, along with motivational SIX:02 moment quotes (one of them was mine!!!) and signs marked the trail to keep runners motivated. The energy and effort in making this a true SIX:02 experience was amazing. Photographers and videographers zoomed in and out the trail to take photos which I can’t wait to see!

The After Party: Former Olympian Carrie Tollefson congratulated each runner as they crossed the finish line and each runner received a SIX:02 necklace/medal at the end of the race. I originally thought it was just for winners, but was absolutely giddy when I was handed one of these! After catching my breathe, I helped myself to some hot chocolate, bananas, and Quest bars. Once my friends and I cooled down, we all wished it was a tad bit warmer so we could enjoy all the spa treatments. My friends who made up Team Deep Fried Fit got our hair done and some make up treatment. Most of us got fun braids. I was really grateful for the hair treatment. I’m not one of those flawless beauties after a run. I usually looked like a hot mess.

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I loved the comfy chairs, and the large vanity mirrors. It’s all about the details. It was amazing to hear that all the people who were doing the treatments were flown in from New York or California. What troopers they were for doing this in the cold!

Finish line photos were taken and promptly emailed and printed. I really enjoyed that added convenience.

What I Loved: Finishing the race! I ran a 9.5 min/mile and placed 99. Heehee.. TOP 100!! Nothing super impressive, but whatever I’ll take it!. I actually hit that runner’s high and really got into it. The trail had its hills, wonky pavement and inclines where I could definitely feel that burn. My favorite part would be getting pampered for the photos and getting to meet more of the SIX:02 crew.

Post make up and hair treatment. Ready to get our photos taken!

Post make up and hair treatment. Ready to get our photos taken!

Critiques: There didn’t seem to be any hiccups. The award ceremony was a little awkward, but the prizes were awesome. I really wish there were more heaters. I saw two by the packet-up pick up area, but to have a few around the spa area would have been nice. Weather is unpredictable of course, but I think more people would have stayed if  there were heaters to huddle around. The lines for massages, hair, make up and manicure treatments weren’t bad, but I can imagine with a larger turnout, 4-5 booths per station ain’t gonna cut it. Would martinis or champagne be outrageous? ehehe…wishful thinking.

We finished! Yay!

We finished! Yay!

The Takeaway: I had a BLAST. My friends had a blast. We all felt so spoiled at this event and were repeatedly wowed by how much went into this race. SIX:02 really pulled out all the stops and I hope they keep this level of awesomeness for future races.  I only have one question left: so when’s the next one SIX:02?!?


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