A Foodie Favorite: Aw Shucks on Lower Greenville

Aw Shucks is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas and holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve been going to this restaurant ever since I was a little kid with my family. I wouldn’t say this the absolutely best seafood in Dallas, but it’s delicious and there are lots of great options. I find my meals nostalgic and comforting. It always hits the spot.


Don’t confuse this with Big Shucks on Mockingbird. Aw Shucks on lower Greenville across from the Granada Theater is special in its own right. It’s divey and unique. When you walk in, head straight inside and place your order there. You won’t pay at the counter, but at the door after you’ve eaten. They follow an honor system, so you’ll pay at the register on the way out. My favorites are the catfish filet basket and the hot and spicy shrimp. My usual every single time I go.

The catfish baskets always come out piping hot and the fries are perfectly brown and crispy. I’m a huge fan of steak fries.


The hot and spicy shrimp isn’t a complex dish. It’s just boiled shrimped splattered with their spicy seasoning. Dipped in cocktail sauce or ketchup, and you’re golden.



Definitely one of my favorites. If you decide to drop in, I hope you like it too!

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