Over the Overpriced Brunch

Making brunch at home was fun, cheap, and most importantly delicious.

Making brunch at home was fun, cheap, and most importantly delicious.

Breakfast, brunch, breakfast for lunch, or breakfast for dinner… I’m all for it. I’ve said many times how much I love breakfasts foods, but recently I keep running into the same situation: over-paying for my eggs, side of bacon, side of hash browns. Totally unacceptable.

While smaller diners tend to be more bang for my buck, these new trendy brunch spots are scalping me. Seriously. $10+ bucks for a simple breakfast platter of eggs and bacon and extra for add-ons or healthier options such as turkey bacon, turkey sausage or egg whites (really you’re charging me more for less egg??). Enough is enough.

Recently, I’ve been cooking at home more. Making dinners for my brothers, lunch for the next day, basically anything that will save me money and keep me on track with my fitness goals (Vegas in 3 weeks!!). Instead of going out on Sundays, per the usual, I made the heartbreaking decision to skip out on brunch with my friends, and make it at home.

Just to be a little more health conscious, my wonderful brunch platter consisted of turkey bacon, turkey sausage, 2 eggs, a side of sweet strawberries, and a small portion of hash browns. All were cooked using a healthy non-stick spray and gobbled up quickly. The crappy weather we had this past Sunday made this a pretty fun lazy day staying in.

I’ll always enjoy my Sunday brunch ritual, but instead of paying $30-$40 bucks for a day out, the $12 it cost to make a simple brunch for two people, plus extra food leftover was really sobering. It won’t keep me away when I need my chicken and waffles fix, but it’s definitely some food for thought.


  1. Cooking at home is always the cheaper option! Typically the healthier option too because you can control what you’re actually putting into stuff. Plus you don’t have to pay extra ranch! lmfao

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