Easy-to-Make Turkey Lettuce Wrap

20140416-194608.jpgInspired by my friends, I made turkey lettuce wraps for a post run. I somehow had the mental power to refrain from eating out and being lazy to cook and made these delicious bad boys instead. Definitely worth it in the end.

I chopped garlic, onions, green and yellow bell pepper, and cilantro. Heated up a big pan with a little bit of olive oil, threw in the garlic and then added the ground turkey and veggies. For seasoning, I just winged it. Salt, sugar, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and black pepper. The cooked turkey crumbled like taco meat, making it the perfect complement to grace romaine hearts drizzled with Sriracha before being scarfed down. A pound makes plenty of food. So if you get bored with baked chicken and steamed tasteless crap as much as I do, this is a great break from all that.

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