Meddlesome Moth Cheese Plate Unimpressive

20140208-101414.jpgOne word. Unimpressed. For a night cap, I wanted a glass of Malbec and some cheese. The smellier the better. This plate, at first glance, looked awesome, but I can’t say I was impressed with everything on there. The cured meats were decent, the pate or liverspread was weird, two of the three cheeses were kinda gross. One had this residual room temp milk smell and taste that was nauseating. And popcorn? Meh.

20140208-101524.jpgMeddlesome Moth is a gastropub and I should’ve known better. Go for the beer, obviously. The same beer guru who helped open and run The Flying Saucer also helped manage the beer selection here. The flights are always fun. Choose from pale to darker sets of flights or if you are the local brew snob and know what you’re talking about, build you own.


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