The Hospitality Sweet: Macarons

20140118-201432.jpgMy Friday couldn’t get any better. In addition to a surprise delivery from Edible Arrangements, my mentor took me out for lunch. I have always wanted to visit The Hospitality Sweet, an ultra charming cafe located inside of a…wait for it…freakin post office.

This cute little cafe and bakery sits in the corner of this historic post office and courthouse. It’s decor is modern, fresh, and cute and so out of place . The contrast is what makes it so interesting.

I couldn’t take pictures of my chicken salad sandwich or potato corn chowder before I devoured it, but I did get to snag a picture  of the best part: dessert.

This chocolate turtle macaron was indescribably divine. It reminded me of peanut brittle texture with the chewey sweet and slightly salty texture of the caramel and nuts. Macarons were such a hit with everyone last year and is one of my all time favorite cookies. Pegasus News named this bakery one of the top 5 places to get your sweet fix and I can’t really argue with that.  Before I can totally vet this place for having the best macarons in Dallas, I’ll need to go back a few more times. Like seriously, that chocolate truffle was out of this world. These suckers are so hard to bake…no wonder bakeries end up taking all my money. Stayed tuned. I will be back!

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