Ghetto Tacos: The Little Mexico

On nom nom!

On nom nom!

My search for the best street tacos continue. By word of mouth, The Little Mexico off of 75 and Park Lane should bring me the satisfaction I’ve been looking for all these years, but alas… it was truly underwhelming.

At first glance, the little taco shop had all the attributes that would suggest some delicious tacos: sketchy neighborhood and a sketchy shop. Ordering the $1.25 tacos was mostly pointing and shouting out numbers since the cashier didn’t really speak English. I was excited. Having to use what little Spanish I remembered from high school to order meant something to me. I was hoping for some really authentic stuff to come out.

My boyfriend and I ordered a total of 10 tacos, 3 chicken flautas and 2 Mexican cokes. The tab for this cheap date night was $22. Score! Our taco plates consisted of Lengua, Barbacoa, Al Pastor, Chicken, and Carne Asada tacos. We were hoping the variety would give us a good idea of the quality and taste this hole in the wall would offer.

Lengua is my all time favorite taco to order. The cow tongue is usually tender and flavorful and something I find hard to mess up. The meat is already so good. These tacos unfortunately were kind of bland. As were the chicken, the barbacoa, and the Al Pastor tacos. The carne asada were the only tacos to have some flavor to them. It was all actually very disappointing. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t the holy grail of tacos I was hoping to get. My search will continue…Stay tuned.

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