Fail: Sprained my ankle AGAIN.

We rollin'!

We rollin’! through McCarren Airport               in Las Vegas

So in my last post, I had just begun running again, but alas I sprained it again while walking to my car and tripping on a step. I know. I suck. What’s worse is I sprained it one week before my trip to Vegas. Sigh…

But you know what? You’ve got to make the best of everything and I sure as heck was not losing out on all the prebooked shows and events I had planned for this trip. I spent a whole week icing and rehabbing as best I could to be somewhat ready for Vegas.

The hotels are just so enormous, I knew crutching through it would be miserable. Thankfully, I got myself a ride. Rolling in a wheelchair in Vegas is truly the unspoken VIP pass. Thankfully, my boyfriend was nice enough to push me around. Yay for boyfriends!

Lines in Vegas are the worse, but not with this wheelchair! This baby let me skip the lines at airport security and the line to get on the plane as well as hotel check in, taxi lines, and the best one was being able to cut the line at McDonalds. Truth.


On a little more serious note, being in a wheelchair for the weekend did offer me the chance to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” Surprisingly, Vegas had a good amount of elevators and alternative routes for people who were physically indisposed to get around. It was really tough being in that chair and enduring the stares and sometimes the inconsideration of people and worrying if someone might fall on me. It made me really appreciate being a healthy and able individual. I am very thankful and can’t wait to get back to full physical capability. My time in Vegas definitely reminds me not to take for granted being able to walk or run and has also made me more gracious toward people who can’t.



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