First run post sprained ankle debacle!

IMG_1120This sprained ankle has been one of the worst things since my knee surgery. It’s been almost six weeks since my poor ankle fell victim to my clumsiness and it is still difficult to get in a normal workout. I have missed running so much and constantly have to remind myself not to push it otherwise, my recovery time is just going to get longer.

I recorded my first run since and it felt so amazing to run. I was able to hold a steady pace of 10 min/mile which isn’t bad considering I haven’t run for almost two months.

Even with this run, I can tell it’ll be a while longer before I will be back to normal. Who would’ve thought a sprained ankle could keep me out of the game for so long right?

I’ve recently become a fan of using apps to record my progress. While there are numerous running apps, I think my favorite is the Nike Running App. Everyone should check it out! It’s free!

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