6 Concepts to try at Legacy Food Hall

It’s been a while since I last went on a food adventure and I had my eyes set on Legacy Food Hall in Plano. I felt like the last person to visit the massive establishment that combines a plethora of chef driven concepts, entertainment and events, a beer garden, brewery, and bars all into a one-shop-stop experience.

How it Works:

There are over 25 food stalls and seven bars to choose from. Legacy Food Hall doesn’t accept cash, but they do accept credit cards or these Hall Pass gift cards which can be redeemed at any of the stalls. Load it up, recharge it, or gift it. Legacy Food Hall was kind enough to provide me with a hall pass to sample multiple concepts for this blog post.

The next time you feel like going on your own food adventure or need recommendations for a lunch time meal, I’ve rounded up a few yummy spots for you to check out.

Tight Quarters Power Bowls

I tried their Salmon Zoodle Bowl and it is a great option if you’re looking to keep it light and healthy. Amidst all the delicious and tempting food stalls, I really appreciated being able to find a healthier option, especially for lunch. The salmon was a decent portion and I enjoyed the tomato broth that zoodles cooked in. I was also able to get it in a to-go container too just in case I was short on time.

Sea Breeze

So I love a good lobster roll and I’m a huge seafood fan. Since I was already overwhelmed with all the options, I decided this sampler was a great idea. These mini rolls included a lobster roll, shrimp roll and blue crab roll. Sea Breeze is a Dallas owned business and I really enjoyed it. When it gets cooler, I definitely getting the clam chowder.

Roots Chicken Shak

Um hello… you guys know I’m all about the chicken. Fried chicken is my favorite food in the world and I knew I wanted to try Roots. I’ve heard great things about the wings, but also wanted to try the chicken strips, which were new to the menu at the time. I also loved being able to choose a variety of dipping sauces. Here I opted for 3 wings and 3 strips.

Carlton Provisions

Don’t miss the BBQ shack located in the actual Box Garden. It’s one of the outdoor concepts with patio seating. You can always grab your tray and take it inside if it’s too hot, but with cooler weather, it’ll be great for fall. I got to sample the brisket and sausage. In a previous visit, I also tried the roasted corn and bacon wrapped poppers which were yummy along with cookies! Carlton Provisions also caters FYI!

Glazed Donuts

Holy donuts! I was really close to tapping out on food at this point, but I had to get the doughnachos. This is great for sharing with friends and I got the PB&J mini donuts. They have other fun flavors as well as glazed if you want it to be simple and easy.

Berrynaked Popsicles

Perfect cool down and treat as I was heading out the door. I love Berrynaked and visited when the first location opened in Dallas. They offer organic popsicles and puree bowls. I got a creamy strawberry pop and had to slurp it down before it melted. So yummy.

Hope you guys enjoyed following along my food adventures at Legacy Food Hall. There are a ton of options, but I hope this helped you guys simplify your choices. It’s a great place for lunch and dinner and are normally open from 9am to 12pm during week and till 2am on weekends. You definitely should check out their events page. There’s plenty of free shows, events, and even game nights.

This post was sponsored by Legacy Food Hall, however all opinions remain my own. All photos taken by Maribel Morales

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