Virtual Sweat Date: Chicago, Seeking Therapy, and ROKA swag

Holy shit. It’s fall. If you’ve been following along, I’ve been traveling non-stop all summer and I have so much to catch up on. Currently in Denver after an epic weekend in Chicago. I miss you guys so I thought I’d catch up with you over a virtual sweat date:

If we were on a Virtual Sweat Date, I’d tell you…

My time in Chicago was amazing. This was the only planned vacation I had this year for myself. My other trips, while awesome, were all work-related. I didn’t make any plans or have an itinerary for the trip and just wanted to see where the city would take me. I left feeling inspired, recharged, and excited. I’m also super proud at how much ground I covered while there. Did all my Chicago friends proud and avoided the tourist traps. Can’t wait to recap all of it soon for you.

If we were on a Virtual Sweat Date, I’d tell you…

I’m really heart broken for my friends in Houston that were effected by Hurricane Harvey. Thank you to everyone that’s asked about Houston. Fortunately Dallas was not affected, but it’s been amazing to see the city come together to send support to our sister city. From fundraising fitness events, volunteering, donations, social media sharing, it’s incredible. Now seeing Irma doing damage to Florida, it’s humbling and makes me feel very grateful.

If we were on a Virtual Sweat Date, I’d tell you…

It’s been a mentally and emotional tough year for me. And I’m going to admit something I don’t think I was ever comfortable sharing, but thought I should. I started seeing a therapist/counselor to deal with my anxiety, stress, and emotional state. I think there’s a negative stigma that’s associated with seeing a therapist or counselor, but I want to put it out there that there are plenty of high-functioning people that seek out help and it does help, especially when you’re feeling stuck, lost, burnt out, lonely, etc. Seeking out counseling doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or that you are a going to a loony bin. Sometimes you just need the unbiased counsel of someone that isn’t a loved one or a friend. I’m going to share more about this experience on the blog soon, as I think more people should definitely learn about it know, know their options, seek out help when they really need it.

If we were on a Virtual Sweat Date, I’d tell you…

I’m getting back to basics with my work and blog. As much as I loved traveling this summer, it really threw off my normal work and workout schedule. I tend to be really hard on myself so I feel like my blog and content has suffered. I felt that I was failing you guys and myself somehow. Absurd, I know. Being drained from traveling and a few personal ass-kickings bumps in the road, it’s hard to write some days. With emails, projects, deadlines, and stuff piling up, I decided I needed to pause all these projects and really just focus on what made me so happy in the first place: Deep Fried Fit. You’ll be seeing from me, I promise you that.

If we were on a Virtual Sweat Date, I’d tell you…

There are some amazing events happening this month (sharing over 30+ events here) and I better see you at a few! You definitely need to come to my next silent disco event on September 28th in West Village. This time it features barre and my friend Janna will be leading the class! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Harvey/Irma. You don’t want to miss out on this one. Register here!

If we were on a Virtual Sweat Date, I’d tell you…

How in love I am with my new ROKA sunglasses. ROKA sent me Rio in Rose Gold/Copper and Falcon in Silver and they’ve been a staple all summer. Stylish and functional! Roka is a brand that create athletic apparel for tri-athletes. When they branched into eyewear, it was a total game changer. As a very active person, I definitely appreciate the functionality. Plus they go with everything I wear.

If we were on a Virtual Sweat Date, I’d ask you…

If you have any fun travel plans coming up… When was the last time you treated your body kindly… What are some struggles you are currently facing and how can I help?

Photos courtesy of Marshall David


  1. Great post mai! Thank you for being so transparent in this post and real! I am happy you decided to seek help! And you’re right, no one should feel ashamed for seeking help. Some of the most successful people today are constantly seeking therapy! You have been a busy bee lately! Glad you are back to your regular routine and I look forward to seeing what you got planned for fall! I will be traveling this fall to NYC for the Well Summit! I am pretty stoked! Can’t wait. I’m currently struggling with self doubt/fear about my big dreams. They are so big it scares me!

  2. its been a busy summer for ya…hopefully Fall will bring some downtime…yes and yes on seeking help when you need to – these individuals are there to help during difficult times. hopefully i will catch up with you over real coffee or sweat date soon.

  3. Thank you for being vulnerable in your post about seeking therapy. Agree 100% that it’s not a bad thing but shows that you are listening to your body and mind and saying “I need help and I’m not afraid to admit it.”

    Also, I’m sure Chicago was everything around this time of year. Plus, Denver. Girl, you’re on my two dream vacations. Be safe and have fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing your struggles and being transparent. I love following your adventures! If you ever get tired and need someone to go for you, let me know! lol. 🙂 Or you can take me with you!!!!

  5. I’m hoping to go to Chicago and/or Colorado sometime this year so this will definitely come in handy. 😉 That donut omggg.

    And there’s so much to be said about being vulnerable and open (out in social media, nonetheless!); it still makes me uncomfortable at times but it really does make that healing process/journey/life/call it what you will more meaningful, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing, friend. You know we’re always here for you. (:

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