VIPeek of the home of the Cowboys with AT&T

If you’ve been following me along on social, there’s been a lot of football in my feed. From hosting my first football workout event, to visiting The Star in Frisco, and then attending  my first Cowboys game of the season at AT&T Stadium. Tons of fun stuff. Thought I’d share some cool behind the scenes of my experience for anyone that is a huge fan of the Cowboys.

Last week, AT&T took me and a few other Dallas bloggers and influencers on a tour of The Star in Frisco and AT&T Stadium in Arlington. We learned so many unique things about the facility, more history about America’s favorite team and how AT&T powers the experience for any fan or event guest.

The Star in Frisco

The Star is incredible. We started our experience at the new Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters. It’s a beautiful campus and it’s not even complete! It’s a state-of-the-art training facility for the Cowboys and is still expanding. The 91-acre campus will eventually house more retail and office space, an Omni Hotel, medical center and more. Definitely going to be a hot spot in Frisco!

All Aboard! After a quick look at The Star, we hopped on an official Cowboys bus and headed to AT&T Stadium for the main event.

AT&T Stadium

When we arrived, we were greeted by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and got a peek inside their locker rooms. They are the most highly respected cheerleading team in the U.S. and these girls are such hard workers!

Of course, we couldn’t leave without our own swag. That’s an official football!!! Can’t wait to bring that out to a pickup game soon. Can’t wait to wear my jersey.  Stoked to add more Cowboy swag to my collection.

Now to the techie part. So much of our experiences as the digitally inclined generation is through our phones and how we stay connected. Did you know AT&T Stadium also houses their own massive data center? It’s the brains and the power behind everything! And that’s an understatement.

At any given time, 28,000 people will be on their network during an event and that’s no easy task to make sure everyone is connected and happy. Ever try to send a Snap of the best game selfie somewhere that wouldn’t load? First world problems at its finest.

AT&T doesn’t get enough credit for how well immersed they are into the Stadium experience. From ticket purchases, to check in, to all the digital displays, and interactive opportunities, they really make it a priority to keep fans connected.

Talk about the best surprise ever (on top of everything else right?) Each one of us felt so cool to be on the LiveFX board. I remember during the most recent game against the Buccaneers, seeing live photos of fans scrolling through these boards. Danny and I tried uploading a few selfies to the board via the official AT&T Stadium app so we could feel famous. #relationshipgoals

The last part of our amazing tour took us 50 feet below ground level to walk onto the field and look up into the Stadium. We even got to hang out with Rowdy, snap tons of cute photos and bid adieu to this amazing insider experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this VIPeek of the The Star and AT&T Stadium. Being a Cowboys fan and someone who loves playing the sport too, really cool to get a closer look.

Have you ever been to AT&T Stadium? If so, what was the occasion? Let me know in the comments.

This post is brought to you by AT&T. I’m an AT&T Influencer and also received complimentary tickets to a Cowboys game. All opinions remain my own.


  1. Looks like so much fun. I would love to do this with my husband. He’s been a Cowboys fan forever. I’m not sure why we haven’t done this yet. Great blog post…

    1. Author

      Thank you! Im sure he’d love it. I was able to bring my boyfriend to the Star and it was so cool for him to see just the facility.

  2. Ah! So fun! I loved your Insta stories that day! What an amazing experience.

  3. One thing every football fan can agree on is that Cowboy fans are the best when it comes to staying with their team through thick and thin. Looks like a lot of fun and glad you were able to partake in so much.

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