Silent Disco Yoga with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors


One year ago, I founded my company Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. It is a community of fitness and health bloggers in the DFW area. My goal is to provide a safe space for bloggers to empower and encourage each other, connect with brands and share the fit lifestyle in Dallas. On social media, you’ll catch the latest tidbits of upcoming events and studio openings. It’s grown to become something more than I could ever imagine.


Fast forward a year and I’ve met some incredible people along the way. I’m still blown away by the passion these thought leaders and influencers possess. To celebrate, my team and I hosted the perfect party at the JadeWaters Hilton Anatole. Special thanks to Ginger and Ashley for making this happen!


I dreamed of hosting a silent disco yoga class for the first time in Dallas and after much research, sleepless nights, and hard wishing, I finally made that come true. Mike Jackson (MJ) from Corepower was the perfect instructor for the class. I’ve always loved his energy and his music. He lead a great 60 minute sculpt class that combines yoga, core, cardio, and even some barre on the grassy oval lawn by the new JadeWaters. MJ and Catrina Reeder really took care of everyone during the class. It’s definitely one of my favorite formats.


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Silent disco yoga incorporates noise canceling headphones that light up with different colors. Unlike your typical silent disco in a club, our dance would be to a flow practice. For this experience, it would be a battle of music between DJ and instructor. Both are music aficionados. On one station would be MJ’s voice leading the class and his playlist of jams, on the other a live DJ set from DJ Blake Ward. It was so fun toggling back and for between the stations.

dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole59 dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole79 dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole74 dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole44 dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole40


As sunset came, we could finally see the lights and enjoyed getting lost in the music. It was so cool to see this dream come to life. I can’t wait to do this again. Silent disco has finally arrived in Dallas.

In good fashion, after the class, we headed to the gorgeous cabanas in the JadeWaters pool area for a party reception. Hilton Anatole really delivered a 5 star treatment. We had healthy bites, endless watermelon cocktails, and more.

dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole9 dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole10 dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole103

And I can’t get over how cute this dessert bar is! Ashley of IdeallyFit did such a great job setting this up. We had the most delicious gluten free cup cakes from Unrefined Bakery and mini cookies from Society Bakery. They went so fast! Having both options was wonderful for our GF gals. I lost count of the number of cookies I scarfed down.


dessertbar cookies

Muscle Milk was also present with post workout protein smoothies. Such a fabulous team and they really cuten up the idea of protein shakes in those mason jars.

dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole87 dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole17

We also had fabulous mini facials from The Skin Space, henna from Soul Sisters Art, and incredible swag from our partners at Corepower, Muscle Milk, Athleta, Nike and On The Rocks.

dallasfitnessambassadors-anniversary-hiltonanatole104 ontherocksdrinks


I couldn’t have asked for more perfect night celebrating Dallas Fitness Ambassadors surrounded by this incredible community.


You can check out other recaps from Fit Girl in Flight and Ideally Fit here.

Curious about silent disco yoga? We plan on hosting our next community event inviting all of Dallas to celebrate our anniversary with us. Make sure to follow the DFA instagram for updates!



  1. First off, thank you for creating DFA. I mostly lurk because life has been crazy, but I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into running it.

    Secondly, this looks like it was SO much fun. I’ve never even heard of Silent Disco Yoga. Plus, there is nothing better than outdoor yoga. Im really going to have to make it to the next event.

  2. Silent disco yoga may just be one of my new favorite formats now – that was such an unforgettable night and I can’t wait for future DFA events! It’s only onwards and upwards from here on out, that’s for sure.

  3. I am so sad I missed this. It looked like an incredible event and so much fun! I will have to go to the next silent yoga. That sounds amazing!

  4. Thanks so much to the DFA team for putting this event on! This event reinvigorated my love for yoga. I even bought some Groupons for some local studios in Dallas to kick off my yoga journey again. Loved the skinny margs and delicious cupcakes and cookies. <3 -Anita

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