Taste Coastal and Traditional Flavors at La Comida Addison

Recently visited La Comida in Addison for a much needed girls night. I love it when I try a visit a new restaurant that really delivers great food, good prices, and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s like hitting the jackpot and I was quick to recommend it to friends the next day!

La Comida serves traditional Mexican food with coastal flavors from Cancun as well as beloved Tex Mex dishes. I met owner Mario Urtecho prior to my media visit and was thoroughly impressed with the simple dishes. I couldn’t wait to stop in for a visit. How cute is this patio!?


La Comida in Addison. Patio view.

The restaurant is in the heart of Village on the Parkway right by the Whole Foods. It’s an adorable space that really gives off the coastal vibes with it’s simple decor, white walls and flamingo lights. I copped a seat by the window and couldn’t wait to get started. The girls and I nibbled on chips and salsa while sipping these colorful drinks.


Left to right: Laco Mojito, The Flamingo Margarity, and Sunset Margarita.

That sunset margarita is so good. It’s a strawberry and mango mix with tajin or a chili spice on the rim. I love the freshness of my Flamingo marg a lot. It’s margarita with sangria swirled in. They use top shelf Sauza tequila as their go-to house tequila for all their drinks. Every Tuesday, they have happy hour for all their house margaritas and the Flamingo signature marg. Get you some!


Popular appetizers to get us started.

For the night, I asked Mario to surprise us with dishes that he would like for us to taste. Always a fun way to try a restaurant’s favorite and most popular dishes.


Delicious appetizers from La Comida Addison


Seafood ceviche Mayan Style.

We began with a Mayan style seafood ceviche. It is a Mahi and shrimp ceviche with mango, pineapple, cucumber and avocado in lime juice. The fish is fresh and not overly soaked in lime. Great mix of sweet, tangy, and savory. All the lime is fresh pressed.  lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit9

The brisket tacos usually come five to an order. Since we were tasting so much, it just made sense for us to have a bite of one. Gotta save room for the rest of the evening. The meat is tender and the plate simple with brisket, cheese, and pico de gallo. I love the hand made mini corn tortillas it came on. Made me think of street tacos made fancy the right way.lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit7

The Nacho Blancos were my favorite of the appetizer round. It’s a Mexico City inspired app with chicken, black beans, white Mexican cheese all in one bite. They use Oaxaca cheese that makes my mouth water just thinking about it along with crema. Mmmmm…

A mix of traditional and crowd favs for the entree round.

Self control during the appetizer round was hard to find. The food was so good, but we had to save room for the entrees. First off, the portion sizes are great. Mexican cuisine is usually very affordable and I always hate it when certain restaurants try too hard to make it “fine dining.” I loved that La Comida didn’t try to skimp here. These plates were beautiful!


First we tried the Mole Chicken. I’ve never had Mole before and don’t have a lot to compare it to, but enjoyed it. It’s chicken breast smothered in the sauce and served with beans and rice.

Next, we tried the Arrachera Steak. It’s one of the most popular dishes at La Comida. Mario told us they don’t use flank steak, but a different cut that produces more tender cooks. It’s folded over melted cheese, poblano peppers, mushrooms, and a Mexican chimichurri. Most fajita steaks are too chewy or tough for my taste and this was not the case.
lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit12 lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit13

The shrimp tacos were my favorite of the night. I love seafood everything and really enjoyed the crunch of the slaw. You also have the option to have mahi fish tacos as well and it’s all cooked to order.

lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit22 lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit14

The Riviera Maya tacos were a fun last minute order. My girlfriend is headed to Cancun this fall for her wedding and will be in Riviera Maya. She had to get a taste of her upcoming trip. Personally, I thought the cooked chicken was a bit over done. I did like the seasoning, but wanted a moist chicken taco.lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit15

The star of each dish was great, but I have to talk about the sides. Each entree has different sides and you aren’t stuck with just rice and beans. If you want to sub out sides, you are welcome to do so at no extra cost. While chatting with Mario, his business philosophy is to deliver a memorable experience for his customers, not to nickel and dime them for any little change. We were able to taste refried rice, cilantro lime rice, beans two ways, pappas fritas, Elotes, and more. Who wouldn’t want more options right?

Dessert to satisfy that nagging sweettooth.

The dessert round was fun and the perfect end to dinner. Instead of going for the traditional flan or quatros leches cake, we wanted to try something different because options!

We tried La Pelota Helado which is a locally sourced ice cream with coconut, pecans and chocolate. Lots of great textures in each spoonful.

These sopapillas are fun and yummy too. Great for sharing. You tear off pieces to dip in the honey. We also spooned the ice cream from the other dessert on top to mix the flavors. Best idea ever.lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit21

Night Cap and Tequila Tasting

Talk about fooding at it’s finest. We ended the night with a mini tequila tasting. These are not meant to be shots, but a sipping experience. Ya know… gotta stay classy.


We celebrated and talked about the success of La Comida in Addison as a business that represents the American Dream in every form. Mario Urtecho has grown La Comida into a favorite spot to sate the Tex Mex and Mexican cravings and is planning to open more locations in Dallas and Plano. We sipped on a chocolate Patron tequila and 1921 La Crema which is like a Baileys creme version of tequila. Both I’ve never tried before and would have never experienced without this awesome introduction.lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit18 lacomida-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit19


Did you check out La Comida’s menu? What are some of your favorite Tex Mex or traditional Mexican dishes? Comment below!


  1. They had me at tajin in you drink! I am normally not afan of individual nachos but those look absolutely nom worthy!

  2. So fun!!!That all looks sooooooo good. I am a huge fan of Mexican food any time of the day. 🙂

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