Jam Box Dance Party with Baileys


Sometimes,  all you need is a dance party to get all of the week’s stress and frustrations out. I had a blast hosting the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors at Jam Box Fitness Lounge last week. My friend said it perfectly, I didn’t know how much I needed that until all was said and done. It was such a high energy, fun event with dancing, cocktails, food, and chair massages in one of the most fun studios in Dallas.

If you aren’t familiar with Jam Box Fitness Lounge, I talked about them in my blog here and here.


Minus the monsoon that engulfed Dallas, the brave made it through the rain and into the studio and we still filled it up. We started with a few light drinks from Bailey’s Almande and Vita Coco. Not a heavy drink by any means, making a few sips before glass totally acceptable.

It’s low cal almond milk liqueur that’s also gluten free and dairy free. It isn’t vegan, but I hear there may be a vegan version coming out soon. Isn’t their set up super cute? It was served over ice and with a splash of Vita Coco. So yummy.



Once we all said our hellos, pounded a few drinks, and decompressed, we were all finally ready to get into the groove and headed toward the dance floor. Studio owner Dominque LaShae is an incredible instructor and she would be teaching a mash up of Pound and her signature Funk the Fit.

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You guys should know, I fell in love with Pound when I first visited Dominique’s studio. It’s a workout using weighted drum sticks to help you move between squats, lunges, and more for a full body workout. It’s high energy with loud music, and basic movements that are easy to pick up. The majority of the class had not tried Pound yet outside of the few who attended my previous Pound event.

After a sweaty 30 minutes, we went straight into Funk the Fit, a hip hop dance cardio class. This was my first time taking Dominique’s signature class and I fell in love. Her music selection is ON POINT. Not only was I right at the very front (gasp!), I was so impressed with her ability to break it down. She was fun, engaging, and had some serious swag. It’s one of those classes you really have to commit to having fun and not take yourself too seriously.

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After these two classes, I crushed my step goal for sure. By the end of the day I had about 15,000. After class, we all relished in the work we just did and headed over to the lounge area for food and drinks.



For anyone not in the mood for alcohol, they rehydrated with Vita Coco. Then we enjoyed throwing down some serious food compliments of Pollo Tropical. They really hooked it up with a buffet of healthy options. They provided salads, wraps, and a build-your-own plate with grilled chicken breast and all the sides. I’m so glad I got to try Pollo Tropical again. I remember my first experience was very mediocre, but the redemption in that chicken and dressing made my day! We were all so hungry and having dinner instead of just a few light bites made it come together.

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I ended the evening with a glorious, might I say, GLORIOUS, chair massage from Riviera Spa. They are located off Travis and Knox behind Villa-O and my guy Nick did some magical stuff on my super tense shoulders. It was just the perfect end to a long stressful week.

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P.S. Did I mention the next morning I would be jetting off to Utah for a hiking and canyoning trip at Zion National Park? My glutes sure felt it on those hills.


Special thank you to Dominque LaShae and Jam Box Fitness Lounge for hosting this super fun event. It was the girl’s night and dance cardio therapy we all needed. And shout out to Bailey’s Almande, Vita Coco, Pollo Tropical and Riviera Spa  for really bringing it together. If you’ve never tried Jam Box, your first class is free! You should definitely check out one of my favorite studios of all time. You’ll have a blast, I promise.


  1. Seriously, DFA can throw a party!! Such a fun event. Thank you for all the work you put in to it. Thanks to all the sponsors too!!

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