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Today, I’m sharing my spa review of Hiatus Spa + Retreat in Dallas. It was such a delicious experience and my body was in desperate need of attention. I spend most of my days (and nights, let’s be real) at a desk, hunched over typing away and squinting at a screen. I first learned about Hiatus after stumbling across a few articles naming it one of the best spas in Dallas, so I had to learn more. Hiatus invited me for a complimentary massage, so I was definitely excited to get some much needed TLC and share the experience.


The lobby area.


My room was comfy and cozy.


Check out this couples suite! It’s beautiful.

The Spa: The Dallas location resides in the Inwood Village right next to Breadwinners. I have walked past this spa several times whenever I am in the area, but never gave it a second glance. From the outside, it’s not very flashy or ostentatious. You almost don’t even notice it. After walking in, the space is much larger than you could imagine and to my surprise, really pretty. The front lobby is bright and welcoming. While I filled out my client forms, I enjoyed a nice cup of tea before being escorted to the ladies locker room. The decor has a very earthy theme with complementing colors of browns, nudes, and greens. It’s certainly a gorgeous spa and you wouldn’t expect it, tucked away in the little shopping center.


Choose the the aroma journey you want. I had a citrusy oil for energizing.

The Experience: After checking in and being shown the locker room, I took my time to change into robes and shoes and stow away my belongings in the locker. I enjoyed my tea and loved the look and feel of the locker room and it was fully stocked with Aveda products. Yay! Soon after, I made my way outside and walked a few steps over into the retreat area, sipping my tea as I waited for my therapist to retrieve me. What I didn’t realize, was that it was a unisex room and sadly wasn’t very quiet. There was a lot of traffic from staff shuffling back and forth, room to room. I felt a little uncomfortable being completely naked under a robe with men walking around. The other patrons didn’t seem bothered at all.




The retreat room.


Wind down with your choice of tea or infused water.

Soon, my therapist Arienne came by to greet me and led me to a room in one of three wings. The place felt like a small, beautiful maze. The room itself, while average size, was really welcoming. My experience began with a wonderful 10 minute aromatherapy foot soak. It was quite nice and I relished the chance to decompress a bit more before slipping into the bed.


Who doesn’t love a good food soak before your massage?

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Arienne has some serious magic hands. She found knots I didn’t even know I had. I really loved that aromatherapy oils were used on my pillow and massage oils in lieu of lotion. The bed was cozy and warm and the sheets were ultra soft. I was also able to add an additional 10 minutes to my massage after seeing their add-on menu. I suffer from TMJ, and was so glad Arienne had experience in alleviating my pain. She used a gloved, in mouth, technique that helped relieve the tension. Sounds super weird, but trust me. It did the trick.

The Services: I personally enjoyed the Hiatus Massage, their signature house massage which is a mix of Swedish techniques with aromatherapy for a delightful touch and smell journey of relaxation. Hiatus also offers other types of massages, wraps, facials, waxing, nail services, and more. You can see their menu here.


While I didn’t get a chance to try the Glow Massage, it is definitely the most interesting massage offered at Hiatus. It’s a water-based massage using the Vichy shower. How cool! Wish I had a photo of it.

For the nail services, patrons get to relax in zero gravity chairs where they can easily nap in total relaxation. Love that idea too. Wake up and your done. No need for small talk.

hiatusspa-dallas-deepfriedfit-18The Amenities: In addition to the retreat room, the bathrooms are full stocked with products. I enjoyed a nice long shower and took my time getting ready. While the locker room is nice, there wasn’t anything impressive about the showers. It was good to see staff constantly in and out restocking the robes, shoes, and cleaning up.



The Next Day: I felt great and was able to sleep much more comfortably. With my TMJ, I also get lots of migraines, so I really enjoyed the reprieve.

Feedback: I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I think the only thing that stood out would be the location of the retreat room. Being smack dab in the middle of the spa, it was the center of a lot of foot traffic, making it very distracting to relax. I supposed I’m used to retreat rooms being in more secluded areas of spas.

FYI/Costs/Parking: The pricing is definitely higher than most places. My 50 min massage goes for $100 before gratuity to give you an idea. It’s definitely a high-end spa that’s focused on providing a great experience. You can take a peek at their pricing here. Parking is plentiful in the shopping center. Come 15-20 before your appointment to check in and relax in the retreat room. Enjoy either tea or infused water. I definitely recommend the tea. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask your therapist to work on your trouble areas. Mine would be my back, neck, and obviously TMJ. Also, if you this becomes your go to place, there are membership options with discounted pricing for services. That would definitely be the way to go.

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Post massage glow!

The Takeaway: I can see why Hiatus was named one of the best spas in Dallas. It’s upscale with a down to earth feel. My experience was lovely and I hope to come back soon.

Do you get massages often? Leave a comment below and tell me where! Maybe, I’ll visit it next.


    1. Author

      Thank you! It amazes how much I need a massage. They can get expensive so I do my best to budget for them.

  1. oooo It looks so chic and relaxing!! I need to schedule a spa day soon….maybe that’s what I’ll ask for for my bday that’s coming up. 😉

    1. Author

      Spa days are the best. There are some great options in Dallas depending on budget. Let me know where you go! I wanna hear all about it and happy early birthday!

  2. I love your reviews! You give so much detail! I swear I need to start spoiling myself with massages. This spa seems amazing so it would make a nice little Me Time getaway!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you liked it. It is a gorgeous space and I don’t think my photos did it justice 🙂

  3. Love this review! It is on my 101 list to go to the spa once a month for 6 months straight! I just need to find time! Isn’t it sad that we need to pencil in a time to relax? I wouldve felt uncomfortable too in the retreat. I feel like that should be secluded and separate from males entering.

    1. Author

      Agreed. Massages can be expensive and it’s harder for me to work it into my budget, especially at the higher end spas. But it’s worth it in addition to all the stretching.

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