Wellness Spa Review: Spa810

Spa810 is a hybrid spa offering massages, facials, beauty treatments, and laser hair removal with four locations in Dallas. The franchise is from Scottsdale, Arizona and considers itself to be a convenient one-stop-shop for the busy bee looking to get everything he or she needs from one place.


Spa810 offers a variety of services that are customizable to your needs and is a more of a med spa than it is your typical day spa. I had a really great opportunity to check out the spa myself and booked my complimentary appointment for an 80 minute hot stone massage and a 50 minute facial.

The Spa: You can’t miss the orange and grey modern decor no matter how many times you drive past it. The Spa810 Greenville locations isn’t very big. It has an open lobby area, a handful of rooms where treatments take place and two bathrooms. There’s lots of natural light in the welcoming lobby. I was happy to find that it wasn’t a cold, lifeless clinical spa facility reminiscent of awkward doctor’s visits. This location is also next to a drive-in Starbucks, which I knew I’d be hitting up after my appointment.


The Experience: I wouldn’t say Spa810 is a luxurious spa with an arsenal of amenities like you’d expect of a high-end spa palace. It does retain some of the med spa characteristics with a simpler appointment and client process. After walking in, I checked in and filled out a few papers before being taken down a quiet hall. Instead of a ladies locker room, I was brought to my room where I’d chat with my therapists about my needs before changing out of my clothes and jumping under the covers of my bed.

For my first appointment I enjoyed an 80 minute hot stone massage. I’ve never had one before and my therapist Theresa explained that hot stones are great for warming up the muscles quickly, making it easier to work out any kinks. Being a fitness junkie with a body wrought full of knots and tight muscles, I want my treatments to be the most effective and beneficial. The room was actually quite cold even with my heated blanket so I was glad for the warmth of the hot stones. Theresa has really confident and strong hands, however, when it came to working out the kinks, it was quite painful. But, I knew I’d feel better for it afterward. The stones were the perfect tool to rub out my knots. The massage almost includes complimentary hot towel, aromatherapy, and sugar foot scrub, which was really cool. Usually, there’s always a cost for any of these add-ons. While Theresa was definitely knowledgeable in explaining what was going on with my body, she didn’t have the most hospitable demeanor I’d expect from a therapist.


Ready for my scalp massage by Celena. She has magical hands!

After my massage, I slipped into the plushest robe I’ve ever been in. Seriously never wanted to take it off. I could live in it, no lie! I walked over to the next room to wait for my facial. One really cool thing that Spa810 offers are these spaceship-like, Alpha fusion capsule beds where I’d lay on while I was getting my facial. These capsules are zero-gravity beds that would provide a vibration massage, warmth, and aromatherapy. Inside the capsule is an ergonomic bed that is supposed to provide zero stress for my spine. The capsule beds are definitely optional if you’d rather lay on a regular bed (and in case you get claustrophobic). I felt snug as bug in the spaceship. They said 40 minutes in the capsule is the equivalent of getting two hours of rest. As burnt out as I was feeling, I was all for getting as much “rest” as possible. The capsule also offered four types of aromatherapy: cleanse, relaxation, vigor, and fitness. All the scents were very subtle and I had a hard time detecting any of the aromas. My facial also came with a complimentary eyebrow wax or lip wax touch up. About 11 products in total were used as part of my facial. Katie was my specialist and she did a great job.

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If you’re like me, I typically don’t wash my make up off before a workout. When you sweat, your pores open up and with all the product on your face, the gunk gets into your pores and you’re prone to more break outs. I was glad for the cleanse and exfoliation of the dead skin.

The Services: Spa810 is all about add-ons and customizations. They offer a variety of massage offerings including signature massage, deep tissue, swedish, lymphatic drainage, pre-natal, pre/post event sports therapy, reflexology, and myofascial. I requested a coconut oil  scalp massage as an add-on which was heaven. Scalp massages are my catnip. The same goes for a variety of facial treatments, peels, microderm, and laser treatments. Almost anything you’d like, they can make happen. Simply ask when you book your appointment.

The Amenities: The amenities are pretty basic. There aren’t a lot of frilly decorations. There are no showers or locker rooms. You can enjoy fruit infused water while you wait or in between treatments. You can also request wine if you’d like too. I think the walls are also thin. The rooms aren’t completely sound proof either and even with good effort, you can still hear doors opening and sometimes even people walking down the hall.


The Next Day: I felt amazing the next day. So many of my kinks, aches, and tension were gone and I knew enduring some of the painful parts of the hot stone massage would pay off. I also noticed my skin was brighter and lighter, however I did get a few breakouts along my jawline. That’s not unusual for me though. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t react well to new products.

FYI/Costs/Parking: Since there are no showers, I’d definitely plan any massage or facial treatments toward the end of your day or if you can get home to a shower. My hair was definitely a hot mess with the coconut oil. Spa810’s price plan is great for first-timers and members. The prices for non-members aren’t as friendly. Your first intro massage or facial treatment is $49 and comes with a complimentary small area laser treatment (underarms ladies?). After that, a non-member cost for a massage or facial is $99, compared to the member price of $69 per month for treatments. Of course, the membership comes with additional perks and discount for products, flexibility to book at any of their four locations, additionally discounted services, and rollover treatment credits.


The Takeaway: Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Spa810 and appreciated the relief I got from the hot stone massage. I think it’s great for athletes with lots of knots in their backs. I like that you can add on almost whatever you’d like, whether it’s an additional 15 minutes tacked on your appointment, a scalp massage, or a specific lotion or oil. The freedom to make it your own experience is really appealing. Aesthetically, it’s a much nicer place to get some treatments done, however, I still craved more of a languid spa experience for my massage and really wished there were showers and a lounge area. When it comes to spa treatments, my personal preference isn’t to rush in, get it done, and rush out. I really like to take my time and will allot a few hours to total relaxation. After a massage, there isn’t a place to really do that.

In order to write a spa review about Spa810 on Greenville, Deep Fried Fit received all complimentary services. However, all opinions are her own.


  1. I’ve been to Spa180 in uptown and really enjoyed the experience! I was even contemplating becoming a member because I feel I need to get massages every month, hah.

    1. Author

      I think there are some great membership options in Dallas. I do like getting a monthly massage though. So needed!

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