Catching City Waves at City Surf Fitness Deep Ellum

This weekend, I had a blast hosting a private event at City Surf Fitness with my blogger friend Lea of Running with Ollie for Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. It’s a community for local bloggers in Dallas-Fort Worth and a resource for any Dallasite looking for all things fitness related. It was great being able to meet so many bloggers who I’ve been following for sometime. Love putting a face to the Instagram name!

Me and Lea hanging out on the boards!

Me and Lea hanging out on the boards!

So what made this event really special was because it was City Surf Fitness. Did you know my first fitness review ever was about their Uptown location around this time last year? I thought it would be serendipitous to host an event for my newest venture at their new Deep Ellum location which opened about a month or so ago. Now, everything has perfectly come full circle.


What made this event really fun too was having Simply Fit Meals there to recharge us after an intense workout with their yummy juices. We also had great swag bags to give out to members of Dallas Fitness Ambassadors compliments of Athleta, Flipbelt, Shine Athletica, and Les Mills Good Protein. Seriously, one legit goodie bag.




The event was definitely a success and now here’s a condensed review of the new studio and my experience:

The Space: The Deep Ellum location is a little bigger than the Uptown location and holds up to 17 people where as the Uptown one only holds 12 per class. It’s an incredibly cute space with wood and metal details, picture worthy adornments and a large mirror. There are plenty of cubbies for belongings, a bathroom and a water fountain. Much like the first location, there isn’t much of a lobby, but there is outside porch where you can hangout and wait while the previous class ends.

Signature City Surf class

Signature City Surf class

The Instructors: I’ve visited the studio a handful of times and enjoyed training under all of the instructors. They have a great rapport and do a great job making everyone feel less anxious about balancing on the board.

Pipeline using resistance bands and sandbags.

Pipeline using resistance bands and sandbags.

The Classes: The classes are definitely a lot more challenging than you’d initially give it credit for. You are truly focusing on balance and core work. Engaging the core is something I always forget, but at City Surf, you have to in order to remain balanced on the board. Plus, everything on the board is just more fun. That includes push ups, kick backs, burpees and even yoga poses.

Beach body bootcamp. Here we are one legged oblique twist

Beach body bootcamp. Here we are one legged oblique twist

City Surf offers a variety of classes and I love that! For Saturdays class, it was a condensed version of 4 classes.  The signature class is City Surf and it involves a lot of surf-inspired movements to get your heart rate up. We also got a taste of Pipeline (or their version of barre)  which used resistance and sandbags while on the board. My favorite of course was the Beach Body Bootcamp and then we ended with Buddha Board or their version of yoga.

Loved: City Surf doesn’t typically offer a mash up class like this so I was excited to get a taste of all classes in one. I loved the energy and how everyone didn’t take themselves too seriously on the board. It was perfectly ok to stumble as long as you got back up and tried again.

Buddha Board - City Surf's version of yoga. Much more fun on the board.

Buddha Board – City Surf’s version of yoga. Much more fun on the board.

Costs/FYI/Parking: To try the studio, a drop-in rate is $22. You don’t need shoes for any of the classes. Feel free to come in flip flops. Avoid walking with your shoes on the rubber mat out of courtesy. Definitely bring water. You can fill up using their cooler or purchase a bottle for $1. There aren’t towels either, so if you need one, bring it. Parking isn’t too bad. During the day, before 6pm, metered parking is free and there’s plenty on the surrounding streets. If you do end up taking an evening class, 2-3 quarters will hold you over just fine. Unlike the stingy meters in downtown, a quarter gets you 30 mins!

Takeaway: Don’t knock it till you try it! City Surf offers that great balance of fun and fitness. It’s certainly not a novelty concept.  You’ll burn calories, get in  a great workout and have a blast while you’re at it. I’d certainly recommend taking it and bringing a buddy. Workouts are more fun with friends.



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