Fitness Snack Box Review: Fit Snack Perfect for Traveling

The Fit Snack June Box is probably my favorite so far. I was really impressed with the spread. It came right before my trip to Guatemala and I pretty much took everything with me to munch on during my travels. The fact that these were healthy snacks were also a big bonus. Saved me a few bucks from buying overpriced airport snacks too.

The Fitsnack June Box

The Fitsnack June Box

After some last minute packing and getting through the airport, I enjoyed my first snack from Bear Naked. I loved the coconut in this snack, but couldn’t really taste the curry. Would’ve been perfect over some yogurt.


Had this mango fruit snack mid flight. It satisfied my hankering for something sweet, but tangy. Bit on the tiny side though.

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I really loved those Ips egg white chips. I had the BBQ and cinnamon one and loved them. The cinnamon flavor was my favorite because it reminded me of cinnamon toast crunch. Would’ve been great in a bowl with milk.

dallasblogger-fitness-fitsnackjune3This coco hydro came in handy after a long day outside on Lake Atitlan. I was dehydrated and needed water asap. It didn’t really have any flavor despite smelling great. It smelled like it a limeade, but the taste was flavorless. Regardless, it did help speed up the recovery.


I was really excited for this honey and jalapeno seasoning. Never tried anything like this. I didn’t take this to Guatemala, but I did sprinkle it on my lunches at work. It’s sweet, but not very spicy. The spice level says medium, but I’d say very mild.


I was dying for something sweet one night and didn’t want to accidentally each a pint of ice cream. You know how that happens right? These protein cookies came to the rescue. They tasted powdery, but satisfied the sweet tooth enough to get me to bed.


Clearly, I was on the go and needed some fuel before a workout. Wolfed this down and liked this much better than the coconut almond curry.


Overall, a really great box and perfect for people like me who are always on-the-go and need snacks to keep bad decisions at bay. Oh, and if you do decide to sign up using my referral link, you’ll also get a free drawstring gym bag!


In order to review the Fit Snack June box, Deep Fried Fit received this box complimentary. However, all opinions are her own. She also does not receive compensation or kickbacks for any new Fit Snack subscriptions.

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