Wellness Spa Review: Exhale Spa in The Highland Hotel

Exhale Spa is a luxurious spa inside The Highland hotel off Mockingbird and 75 that offers spa, fitness, and well-being services. In one place, you’re able to attend a variety of core classes and then treat yourself to relaxing beauty and health services. I was invited to take a Core Fusion Barre + Cardio class and end my visit to Exhale with an amazing Fusion Swedish/Sports Massage.


The Spa: Exhale is a beautiful spa. The lobby area acts both as a waiting area and a retail store. You’re greeted by friendly staff that’ll direct you where you’ll need to go. After a great workout class, I headed to the ladies locker room for a quick shower. I wouldn’t want my massage therapist working on a sweaty body and it’s just courteous anyway. After my shower, I put on a robe and some slippers, put my belongings away in my locker and headed to the quiet room.

The Quiet Room leads you into a narrow hallway of doors where all the zen and bliss would take place. There’s a small lounge area to relax while you wait for your therapist. I poured myself some water and grabbed a scented neck wrap and took a few moments of quiet for myself. I can’t say it was that quiet as I could still hear all the bustle from a yoga class that just let out from downstairs.


The lounge in the quiet room.

The Massage: According to Exhale, a Fusion Massage is “A Swedish-based therapy combining the best-known therapeutic massage practices to provide an unparalleled hour of relaxation. Rhythmic massage movements are coupled with the use of powerful aromatherapy oils. Customize your massage with your choice of an uplifting, detoxifying, or relaxing herbal blend.” Due to all the workouts I do, my massages typically end up being more of a sports massage. There’s just a ton going on with my back, arms, calves, everything! What I loved about my experience with Exhale is continuing to learn about my body. I love that there’s another trained person who can help analyze my body and tell me what needs to work. While it wasn’t a typical Fusion Massage, I really enjoyed my experience. My therapist, Vanessa, is incredibly knowledgable and I felt very comfortable in her hands. No pun intended. I highly recommend her.


One highlight I’d like to share was my discovery of TMJ-based massage therapy. I suffer from so much tension in my jaw, neck, and shoulders, it’s miserable. I’ve tried medications and mouth guards and was even told I should look into surgery. Yeah, hell no.

When I mentioned this issue, Vanessa told me she specialized in TMJ massages as well and was very passionate about it. I was blown away. I never even knew! She was kind enough to take a little extra time to work my jaw, neck, and shoulders and while it was slightly painful, I wanted to get the most out of it. I endured!

The Next Day: I felt amazing. Not only did my body feel rejuvenated, I notice improvement in my range of motion, flexibility and I wasn’t as sore. It was a nice reset for my body after so many grueling workouts. Constantly stretching and rolling myself out is still a habit I am trying to make a consistent routine. After the TMJ massage, my face felt sore, as though my face got its own workout. The muscles felt sore, however I noticed an incredible difference in my neck, jaw, and shoulders. There’s was definitely a lot of relief and I am so happy to learn about it and hope to make it a more frequent part of my routine. I can’t recommend that enough for people who suffer from TMJ.

Amenities: You have access to just about anything you’ll need before and after your massage. In the ladies room, you’ll find robes, towels, slippers along with body wash, shampoo, and shave gel. Disposable razors and even feminine hygiene products are available. There are also hairdryers, lotion, hair spray, and body spray for your convenience. There’s also a sauna inside the women’s bathroom too. Attendants are constantly roaming the bathrooms and make sure everything is fully stocked.

For your massage you also have your choice of massage oil, which I liked better than traditional lotions. I chose the lavender and it was warm and soothing. You can also treat yourself to tea or water while you wait.

Services: Exhale offers a variety of services outside of massages. You can get yourself a facial, acupuncture, scrubs, detox therapies, waxing, and nails. I love the idea of fitness and wellness under one room. Definitely check out their class schedules.

FYI/Costs/Parking: Definitely arrive about 15-20 early to change and relax. You’ll make your way upstairs where you’ll find the changing room and the quiet room. In regards to pricing,  it can be on the pricier side starting around the $100s, but the service is outstanding and high quality. I think buying a service a la carte can be more expensive than investing in their membership programs. There is a parking garage, however the gate is finicky. It didn’t even open for me. If you do get past the gate, there are elevators that’ll take you up to the spa. Valet is complimentary if you’d rather go that route as long as you validate at the front desk.


The Takeaway: It’s clear that all staff are excellent and highly skilled. I’ve been to Exhale a few times before and can tell based on the how knowledgable everyone is and I love that. The experience was wonderful and I always like making it an educational one. If you’re a fan of having access to a variety of fitness classes and spa treatments under one room, check this place out.

In order to review Exhale Spa, Deep Fried Fit received a complimentary class and fusion Swedish massage. However, all opinions are her own.


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